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History of Lithuanian Basketball

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most famous sports in Lithuania.

This is true, because among the billions of people around the world, Basketball was the sport that made the country Lithuania distinctive among any other countries. But before anything else, you must also know some interesting facts about Lithuania and its rich culture.

Lithuania as one of the active member of the European Union is the only Baltic country with an approximately eight hundred years continuous statehood tradition. As any other countries which have history of colonization, Lithuania has fought for a very long time for their survival and independence.

During the middle ages of European living, Lithuania was the largest state in the whole Eastern Europe thereby overseas trade and craft products are mostly prosperous.

Basketball is indeed the most precious sport in Lithuania more than what you think of. Basketball for Lithuanian is not only sport, it is also their kind of life philosophy and for many, it is their religion.

Lithuanian is very much into basketball, whereas almost all of the people know the game, all the players, all the coaches and of course all of the Lithuanian basketball teams that are giving pride to the country itself. If you are to visit Lithuania, you might be able to smell the scent of basketball spirit all around the corners.

And if you have the chance to see a worldwide basketball competition, Lithuanians are there; present to support their representatives for any championships. If you are to estimate, there are about five thousand of Lithuanian fans who will be able to follow their teams in any international championships.

The Lithuanian National basketball team is the delegate of Lithuania for the International Basketball games for men. In a very relatively little history of Basketball in Lithuania, its first basketball game entry took place in the year 1922 whereas their men’s national team have brought home three Olympic Bronze Medals another three major wins as the European Champion and a silver medal for the European Games.

The Lithuanian national team for women’s basketball has also very high remarks in this sport. They have also brought home Silver and mostly Gold medals in European Championships. Juniors and youth teams for Lithuanian basketball also are the most recent champion in Europe.

Worldwide triumph of Lithuanian Basketball team was also felt in the FIBA World Championships whereas they have took the 3rd spot and brought home Bronze Medal. Aside from that, they have also showed the world what Lithuanian basketball got when they won bronze medals in the Summer Olympics in the years 1992, 1996 and 2000 and in the year 204 and 2008 they finished in the 4th spot.

Lithuanian National Basketball representative is being lead by many proficient players like Arvydas Sabonis who is kind of a great Lithuanian basketball player. Famous Lithuanian Basketball coaches now are also great people who represented Lithuanian team in the past whereas they have brought great pride to the country itself. They are Ramunas Siskauskas and Rimas Kurtinaitis among the few but strong foundations of Lithuanian basketball.

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