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Lithuanian Women’s Basketball

Basketball is a sport which is played by two teams competing against each other.

This is one of the most popular and really the most viewed sport worldwide. Even kids and ordinary people love to play basketball anywhere in the world.

Basketball is not only for men. Although this sport is mostly being played by men, women can also do great in this particular activity. And because Lithuanians love basketball very much, Lithuanian women have also done their part and have undergone training to be able to reach the professional level.

No wonder that among Basketball team for women, Lithuanians shine. Lithuanian women are already starting to make up their name in the history of basketball not only in Lithuania but also around the World. Lithuanian Basketball Federation is the governing basketball body in Lithuania.

It was founded in the year 1936 but because of Soviet’s occupation their federation disappeared. it was only reinstated in the year 1991 after Lithuania have actually got their independence.

Although Lithuanian women have gone through many defeats, they still believed in their passion and basketball spirit. Women of Lithuanian basketball have proven their best not only to the people around the world but also to their fellow Lithuanians who believes in them. In the basketball history, Lithuanians could be considered as the most dedicated Basketball players in the whole world.

And because of that, they are being blessed every time they have to compete with other countries.

Lithuanian women’s basketball shines great during the European Championships. For the record, Lithuanian women’s league have already garnered a lot of awards in the past such as in the Euro Basket Women whereas they won as 4th place in the year 2005, 6th place in the year 2007 and 9th place in the year 2009.In the European Championship for women they won 2nd place in the year 1938. And because of the soviet colonization, their love for basketball was stopped until such time they could already play after the year 1991.

In the year 1995, they finally got on the game and won as the 5th placer. In the year 1997, Lithuanian women made another remarkable game as went home as the 1st place in the European Championship. Many have become more inspired with this team. Since then they were not lost in the top performing European countries as they landed on the 6th place in the year1999 and the 4th place in the year 2001.

In the FIBA World Championships, Lithuanian Women basketball players are still doing great. In the year 1998, the team landed in a not so bad 9th place. In the year 2002, they made it in the 11h place among other competitors. And in the year 2006, they have got the 6th spot against other competitors.

In the current times, the Team of Lithuanian Women’s Basketball is looking forward for their next victory. This is not very hard to reach for these Lithuanian Basketball women performs very well in this sport.


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