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Korean Basketball Coach

A basketball team will never emerge without the help of a coach. Coaches are seen as one of the most important factor to have in a basketball team.

To have congruence with the players, a coach must have the proper skills and devoted time to give so that the possibility of winning a match can be granted.

Almost all of the basketball coaches started first as professional basketball players who did great in their career. After some time, these players will have to retire in playing the pro basket; this is the greatest time that basketball team managers will seek their help. However, you also have what they call as playing-coach.

This playing coach is really a member of the basketball team who plays and at the same time leads the team with his or her skills and knowledge in basketball. However, this could be a difficult scenario for the group. The playing coach might be able to just focus in playing and not coaching and vice versa.

On the other hand, a coach must acquire the proper fundamentals in the basketball. These fundamentals are very important so one can lead the team and may be able to train them to become a better basketball player. The important fundaments are the offense fundamentals and defense fundamentals.

Coach Yoo Jae Hak, a Korean Basketball Coach, agreed upon this fact. He is the current head coach for the team Ulsan Mobis, which is the current champion for the Korean Basketball League (KBL).

He started managing the team with his unpretentious goal to qualify for the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games. He also said, grabbing a medal is their Goal but what is more important is that, he could extend his knowledge and specific values and skill that he have learned in his professional coaching career.

The committee of the Korean Basketball Association have chosen Yoo and have entrusted them this position for the Asian Games. He admits that he is feeling a lot of pressure but he is trying to control it hence, he pours a lot of his time with the team who will represent the South Korea on this Sport.

He was chosen to lead the team because of the fact that he has an immense sense of responsibility and dedication in giving his time and effort for a positive outcome to have for the soon to be Asian Games.

His pressure is coming from the fact that South Korea is one of the top ranking countries in Asian continent which already grabbed a total of 22 medals up to date at the FIBA Asian Championship.

The winning streak of South Korea started in the year 1960 and since then, they will not miss to land on the top three spot in the FIBA Asian Cups. This is also true in any other International Basketball Championships; whereas they are also shining.

Even though the pressure remains high on the part of coach Yoo Jae, he is still on the grounds and doing his very best to be able to train and lead the Korean Men’s National Basketball Players. This is indeed a great challenge for Coach Yoo. He did not failed because he was able to gain a championship award twice while he lead the team which made him as one of the most notable coach in South Korea.


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