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Korea Women’s Basketball League

The basketball sport since it has mainly entered the sport mainstream in the early 1920s it was mostly played by men. When talking about this sport, people can name a lot of famous basketball players who are from the flocks of men.

Basketball was indeed only meant for men, but since women are also seeking for gender equality, they engaged in this sport and amazingly they have made a great recognition not only locally but also in the international basketball arena. Same is true with the South Korea’s women of today.

South Korea has their own Korea Women’s Basketball League or WKBL which is the leader of all women’s clubs and associations in South Korea. It was established in the year 1998. It is being composed with 6 teams namely:

• Anshan Shinhan Bank S-Birds founded in the year 2004

• Cheonan KB Savers which was founded in the year 1963

• Guri Kdblife Winnus which was founded in the year 200

• Yongin Samsung Life Bichumi with Blue, sky Blue and white colors which was founded in the ear 1977

• Bucheon Shinsegae Coolcat founded in the year 1998

• Chuncheon Woori Bank Hansae which was founded in the year 1958

Since its inception, the WKBL have already conducted a lot of championship matches which emerged a lot of Korean women who can be claimed as great players.

On the other hand, Korea also has the Korea women’s National Basketball Team which is the representative of South Korea in the international basketball competitions.

Their counterpart is the South Korea Men’s National Basketball Team who equally has already gained a lot of achievement in the history of Men’s basketball in Korea. Moreover, the South Koreans are trying to defend their title after they have defeated the former Asian Champions which is the country of China during the 2007 Asian Championship with the end result of 79-73.

Due to this positive result, the South Korea women’s basketball team have gained the qualifying outright for the Olympics for the 6th time. But victory started to taste bittersweet as the representative of China was successful in dethroning them in the 2009 Asian Championships with the final core of 91-71 which is really a large scale score gap.

But these Korean women’s basketball players did not stop from doing their best. They rather poured much of their inspiration to level up their skills. They were always being compared with the representatives of China that is why, they are trying their very best to make a difference in terms of playing basketball.

These women representatives of Korea have also reached the FIBA Asian Championships whereas they ranked as the 9th in the overall roster for Women’s Basketball Category. The Korean National Women Basketball Players were led by the over competitive head coach Lim Dal-Sik. Same is true as they attended the Olympics for already 6 times whereas their highest award in the competition was the silver Medal which they garnered in the year 1984.


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