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Indian basketball coaches

India is one of the very first countries which was introduced to basketball as a result basketball became very popular in the country.

Plenty leagues and tournaments are made for the sport’s popularity be maintained. A lot of aspiring professional players joins clubs and associations that could enhance their skills. Aside from players which leads the team to victory, a coach should also be present. Indian basketball coaches are very diverse, in fact may it be men or women coaches, they both excel in their coaching career. We will be discussing two of the most famous Indian basketball coaches.

Let us start with the woman:

Shiba Maggon

Maggon is considered one of the most in demand Indian basketball coaches because of her wide experience in the field of coaching as well as in basketball. Everyone may agree that a good coach is the one who had experienced basketball herself.

Magon being surrounded by basketball players in her family she became a professional Indian basketball player before and had showed her ability by garnering a lot of achievements, some of her achievements are: one Youth National gold medal, 6 gold medals with team Railways and a lot more 🙂 Maggon had played basketball for nineteen years before she decided to retire, in the span of that years she was able to maintain an average score of 20 points per game.

Isn’t that amazing? Only a few players could manage to maintain their score average as they ages. After she retire as a basketball player, it was not a sign that she would quit with her greatest passion. She decided to pass her skills in basketball to the younger generation that will soon give honor to the country by being a coach. She is currently the head coach for the Indian Junior Team and an international referee as well. She is considered one of the most popular referee in the world because she was one of the first two women who was qualified to become a referee.

better shooting

Rajinder Singh

Rajinder Singh was a former polo player in India and because of his skills he was named as one of the best Polo Player in India after his death. His popularity boost more when he became a coach.

He was in fact known as one of the greatest coach in field hockey where he had lead several teams to victory. He became controversial in the sport field hockey because he has replaced a German coach named Gerhard Rach at the age of 46 which had made the crowd doubt his capability in carrying a big responsibilty. He is considered to be one of the most patient coach in the country that is why he is loved by the team he leads.

Due to his excellence in coaching he was even invited to become a member of the Indian basketball coaches. The majority thinks that his skills are capable enough to lead the basketball team to victory. As of the moment Singh is an assistant coach of the India national basketball team together with Baskar and Harris the three of them are doing their best to train the team hoping to win championships this year 🙂


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