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Hungarian National Basketball Team

Hungary for once has been known as one of the greatest sportsmen, especially in the sport basketball.

Dedicated and committed to making their team excellent, all member of the team may it be players, coaches, assistant coaches and managers are all doing their best to make the team work as one together to make it better.

Had they won the 1946 Eurobasket and landed on the third place and afterwhich on the 1953 as the second placer and of course on the year, the delegation is still one of the most sought after teams in the history of basketball.

The 1955 EuroBasket was the real deal that made the Hungarians woke up to really appreciate the sport basketball. The idea that the Hungary has already an edge among any other countries who also loves to play Basketball, Hungarians became more persistent and impulsive to win among these competitors. As they won over the defending champions and the final competitor Romania, Hungary won the Gold Medal.

In the 1957, Hungarian’s spirit rather became stable even though they only landed in the 4th place in the overalls. Before reaching that position, they first had a 3-0 in the preliminary rounds where they have advance to the final rounds.

In the 1959 EuroBasket the Hungarian National Basketball team Composed of the team members, Laszlo Gabanyi, Janos Greminger, Janos Simon, Tibor Zsiro and others had again did their very best but landed only in the 4th position among 17th teams all in all.

The EuroBasket held in the year 1961, Hungary landed on the 6th place among 18 other teams, while on the 1963 EuroBasket, they landed again in the 4th spot this time against 15 other teams.

The Hungarian Basketball Team has so many struggles as they faced the following EuroBasket Competitions. They were not lucky enough to enter in the finals as they wished to have in the past years. Since they won the Gold Medal in the year 1955 where they have managed to remove the Soviet Union being the defending champions, they were not able to gain another medals in the following years.

Just like in the year 1963, the Hungarian Basketball Team only landed on the 13th place among 15 other competing teams. Their group was still made up of the following players: Laszlo Gabanyi, Janos Bencze, Janos Greminger, Arpad Glatz, Gyorgy Polik, Pal Koczka, Odon Lendvay and Miklo Bohaty among others.

The team was once again defeated as they joined the 1965 EuroBasket as they only landed on the 15th place which aces them the second to last team to land on the 16th team completion. It was a very sad defeat after they have won great position in the past seasons of the EuroBasket. The team was composed of the following players: Matyas Ranky, Joxsef Toth, Gyorgi Polik, Gabos Kulscar, Odon Lendyvay, Pal Koczka and Ferenc Haris.

Since then the Hungarian National Basketball Team had never won a high position. It was very devastating for the National Team to see that but they are still doing their best and working hand in hand to meet their future goal.


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