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History of Basketball in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most known countries in terms of Basketball. The country has first emerged as the Bronze Medal winner in the 1946 EruoBasket.

From that time on, they started to build better foundation in their National Team which made them win another Silver Medal in the 1953 and finally in 1955 EuroBasket they have won the Gold Medal.

Hungary is being represented by the Hungarian National basketball team for the International basketball competitions such as in Olympics and FIBA Championship and most especially the EuroBasket.

The Hungarian National Basketball Team has a good reputation when you talk about winning in the EuroBasket. Here is some of the sneak peak of the history of Hungarian Basketball in EuroBasket Competitions.

In the 1935 EuroBasket, the Hungarian national Basketball Team landed in the 9th place. The competition was held by the FIBA or the International Basketball Federation of Europe. During this year, they have won the match between the Latvia during the preliminary rounds ending with the final score of 46-12.

During the classification rounds, the Hungarian National Basketball Team was defeated by the Bulgarian National Basketball Team and after that defeat was a triumph against the national team of Romania which made them land on the 9th place in the overalls.

In the 1939 EuroBasket, the Hungarian National Basketball Team returned in the Basketball scene, and they have once again landed in a low second to the place. After the EuroBasket finals they have the final stats at 1 win and 6 loses which made them get the 7th over the 8th standings.

Because of the continuous defeat and very unfavourable outcome of the previous EuroBasket, the Hungarian National Basketball team players have committed their full effort and time to make their team emerge as one of the best teams in the international basketball scene. After which, in the 1946 EuroBasket, they have finally surface as the the third placer making them bring home the Bronze Medal to their Hometown.

The Hungarians was then very proud of what the team have garnered whereas, during the preliminary rounds of four groups, they were defeated by the team of Italy. On the other hand, they have defeated the team of Poland and Luxembourg which made the team qualified for the semi-final rounds of the season. They were defeated by the team from Czechoslovakia. And for the match to have the Bronze medal award, the Hungarian National Basketball team have defeated the team of France with and end Score of 38-32.

Their success in the 1946 EuroBasket made them very popular in the basketball scene. But even though they were successfully on that year, they faced another defeat in the 1947 EuroBasket whereas they only landed on the 7th over 8 spot. During the preliminary rounds of this season, they were still lucky having a 1-1 stat which made them qualify for the semis. However, their team were defeated for 3 times which made them only end up in the 7th spot.

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