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Hungarian Basketball Coaches

Coaches are one of the key factors to why a basketball team has the ability to work as a team and can successfully win a certain match with their respective competitors.

The two kinds of coaches are called the head coach and the assistant coach who in a way works together to make their basketball players be prepared and of course know what kind of game plan will they use to a particular opponents.

Without the help of a coach, you cannot say that a basketball team can be able to work as a team. Some teams just works on their own and they will just find out that their tactics already lead to their imminent losing. Some basketball team may be able to play without the help of a coach or an assistant coach, but the possibility of no harmony within the team can happen whereas a team can have chaos.

A coach like Laszlo Ratgeber is one of a kind. He was born on the 11th of October, 1969 in Yugoslavia particularly in Novi Sad. He is the Hungarian coach for the Turkish Champion team Fenerbahce. He is a very dedicated coach whereas he shares his skills and talents to his players whereas he devotes most of the time in playing basketball.

As he led the Women’s team in Spartak Moscow, they were able to manage to win the Russian Women’s Basketball League as well as the EuroLegaue women’s cup in 2009. He was also the coach of the Hungarian Powerhouse tea of Mizo Pecs between the year 1993 and 2008 where they were able to win 10 championship cups all in all.

Coach Ratgeber has garnered many achievements throughout his career as a coach. Some of those achievements are their success in the 2009 EuroLeague Basket which was held in Spartak, Moscow. With his handled team of MiZo Pecs, he was able to generate Runner-Ups during the 2001 and 2004 EuroBasket. They were also one of the final four in the years 2001, 2004, 2005 and most recently, 2009.

Despite of the fact that coach Ratgeber has already given a lot of recognition to the Hungarian Women’s basketball team there will come the time that he will retire as their head coach. Recently, he has led the team in the Turkish Super cup where they fortunately emerged as the champions 2010 season.

In the recent picture, coach Ratgeber has been replaced by the new head coach now for the Sopron EuroBasket team women’s category Mr. Szekely. Coach Szekely also has lead many Hungarian teams already at the MKB Euroleasing in Sopron. Szekeley was appointed by the Hungarian National women’s basketball team managers to replace Laszlo.

Both of the coaches have already garnered numerous awards but this time, the national team wanted to give it a try with Szekeley. Szkeley has also relieved a lot of praises for his works done for Sopron during the past seasons.

It is indeed true, that without the help of a coach, a team will just grope in the dark and no one will be guiding them to win and achieve the dream.


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