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Foreign Basketball Players of Malaysia

Despite the extreme skills of the Malaysian basketball players, the country and the Westport KL Dragon still welcomed the alliance of some import.

This article will discuss about different foreigners that has joined the KL Dragons and the Westport KL Dragons.

1. Chris Kuete

Kuete is born on year 1984 and is a Cameroonian. He actually joined the KL Dragons and has been one of the team’s imports during the year 2009. He was a former player of the Red Bull Barako and played as the point guard. As a basketball lover he started his Malaysia National Basketball League in Klang WCT Land BC, where in the year 2007 the team won as a champion and he was chosen as the Most Valuable Player.

Chris Keute has been traded and became a member of the Hi Tech Club in Thailand. On 2008, he and the team joined the Thailand Open. During the year 2009, his team under the Bintulu Rainbow BC won as champion and once again he was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the event. However, as KL Dragon was discontinued and Westport took over, Kuete didn’t join the team.

2. Angelus Santos Raymundo

Raymundo is a 25 years old Filipino citizen and one of the players of the Westport KL Dragons. Raymundo plays as the forward and forward power of the Dragons. He joined the Westport KL Dragons just last year and still a part of it until this event. Angelus Raymundo was a former basketball player of the Philippine Basketball Association. On the year 2009 to 2010, he was a part of the Talk and Text Tropang Texters where they played a charity game for the Ondoy typhoon victims.

On the year 2008 and 2009, he was a player of the Quezon Red Oilers Liga Pilipinas Final 4Leg. Raymundo was chosen then as the Most Valuable Player and the Player of the Game. Aside from those victories, Raymundo has also been a participant of the Harbour Center Pory Master Philippine Basketball League and won twice in championship during the year 2006 and 2008.

Raymundo also played on the University of the East Philippines in the Final 14 and labeled as the Rebounder of the Game during the year 2004-2006. On San Beda College also where he was part of the team and won twice as champions.

3. Justin Leith

Justin Leith is an American Jamaican and is 29 years old. He participate in the Westport KL Dragons last year and still a player of the team until now. He plays as the forward of the team. Leith was a former basketball player of the Jamaica National Team. Leith also showcases his international capability over basketball since he has been a part of many basketball leagues in different countries since 2007 to 2009.

On the year 2009-2010 he was a part of the Huracanes de Tampico and was able to reach the quarterfinals in the Mexico National Basketball league. Countries that he played for are Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Czech Republic and many others.

During the year 2004, Leith was a part of the VCU Invitational Showcase in Richmond. It was on the year 2000-2001 when he was also a part of the Princeton Day High School, Princeton.

The Westport KL Dragons are indeed a pride to every Malaysian. Though there are also foreigners in team, the extreme moves and strategies unite to prove that Malaysia is great.


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