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Famous Mexican Basketball Players

It is indeed factual that Mexicans are more popular in terms of Boxing.

But in the Basketball arena, Mexicans are also having their own spot. Even though there are a lot of countries that are already having high claims as one of the greatest in basketball, Mexico will not be left behind. Just like with Romel Roberto Beck-Castro, one of the famous Mexican Basketball player in the history.

Romel Roberto Beck-Castro was born on the 29th of May, 1982. His birthplace is in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora of Mexico. Roberto is one of the most famous Mexican basketball players who have a great contribution in the history of Mexican Basketball sports. He also has played for Mexico’s National Basketball team which is being governed by Asociación Deportiva Mexicano de Baloncesto.

This twenty eight-year old Beck has already a lot of achievements in the past. He was popularly known as a counter part for Kobe Bryant because he scores a very rare four-point play even against the Los Angeles Lakers team’s guard. This happened in year 2007 during the 2007 Americas FIBA Championships.

Florida flame drafted Beck during the first rounds of NBDL draft this made way for him to play in the team for one season. As soon as Beck’s dedication and talent on basketball, he then played for the Team of San Antonio Spurs which is an official NBA team in the year 2009 during the NBA Summer League. Beck recently signed a contract with Houston Rockets which is non-guaranteed.

Although Beck is most often set aside for more popular players, he sure shows his basketball spirit in becoming a leading scorer for the Dakota Wizards team of the Development league in the NBA.

Horacio Llamas Grey is not your ordinary Mexican Basketball player. Born on the 17th of July, 1973 in the wonderful place of Sinaloa, Mexico, Horacio was known not only in the land of Mexico but also in non-Spanish countries. Llamas can already be considered as a professional Mexican basketball player because of his achievements. With his height of exact 7 inches and weight of 250 pounds, Llamas can be a perfect Center.

Llama during her teenage years moved to USA where he started to enter athlete conferences including the Arizona Community College’s conference.

His sophomore and freshman years were all very fruitful because he garnered honours for his performances. Unlike the most NBA players who choose to enter NCAA Division I college, Horacio Llamas decided to chose the NCAA Division II in the Grand Canyon University where he was awarded the Player of the Year merits on his senior years.

No doubt that Llamas has made a great mark in the history of Mexican Basketball when he was being appointed as the center for Mexican’s National team.

His game was really remarkable that the Phoenix suns’ Scouts were really impressed which made them Llamas a part of the winning team. One thing more very interesting in here is that Llamas was the first ever Mexican to join in a prestigious NBA Game.

Indeed, Basketball is the sports of the millennium. That is why, as the Mexican’s spirits for Basketball is abruptly rising; other country teams should start to be aware now.



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