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Famous Algerian Basketball Player

Algeria is one of the few countries that is not so hooked into any sport, Algerians invest more on education and on their health.

Although most of the citizens in Algeria are not participative in the field of sport there is still a few that has managed to excel in sports particularly in basketball.

Algeria is not focused in sport like basketball and the government does not give a huge amount of money to support the sports association however this did not stop the sport lover citizens of Algeria from playing.

They used their own money to help the association as well as themselves. They strive harder and did things that could improve their skills for them to get the attention of the government and their fellowmen.

They did their best for them to succeed in making other Algerian citizens proud of them. One of the lucky guy who had succeeded is Mounir Benzegala who had managed to become a famous Algerian basketball player.

Mounir Benzegala born on the 7th of April 1987 is a famous Algerian basketball player because of his skills and knowledge in playing the game.

Benzegala is known for his capacity to have an unlimited shooting range and has a sharp court vision. He is also known for having a good balance of agility and stamina wherein only few athletes could do. Benzalaga, having a talent in playing basketball is nicknamed as the Algerian Assassin because when he plays basketball he always surprises everyone.

Let us now tackle some of his achievements and how he had started playing basketball.

Even during his young age Benzegala was fond of playing basketball even if it is not that famous in the country it did not discourage him to play. The joy that it brings to him made him play basketball often and lead him to become an excellent and famous Algerian basketball player of the present.

He started engaging into basketball during his freshmen year in Worthington Kilbourne High School wherein he had played for the varsity team and garnered a total of 1179 assist and ranked 16th in the nation. During his sophomore years he proved that he is indeed an excellent basketball player by placing third in the NJCAA, during his junior years he had played for about 19 games and in one of the games he was able to acquire 7 assist.

He had also lead his team in winning the Arab Championship in Rabat by having a total of 4 assists and had achieved an MVP award in the said game. In my own opinion being molded as a basketball player at an early age is a big contribution to who Benzalaga is now – A player with skills and wit.

Benzagala is currently playing for the Algerian national basketball team and in summer of 2009 he had proven that he is deserving to be called a famous Algerian basketball player by acquiring numerous assist and leading the team into winning the said game.


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