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Algerian Basketball

It is a bit surprising that even if basketball is very popular in the whole world, the citizens in Algeria are not that into basketball.

They are focused on other matters such as politics, agriculture, economy, education and health.

Basketball in Algeria is not that widespread because the people there thinks that investing hard work and financial support in a sport is not a wise act, they often think that it is a waste of time and money. They think that they should focus on their main needs without knowing that sports are as important as their other needs.

Although basketball is not widely embrace by the people in Algeria there is still some who had loved the game and believed that they could excel in this field.

Those who aspire to become a basketball player believe that thru their determination, passion and skills in basketball they could be able to bring honor to their country.

They are confident that in the near future the government would give them more support and the citizens there would realize that if you want to excel on something then you need to put your heart and mind on it.

Even though basketball is not that popular in Algeria, Algeria still has an Algerian National Basketball team which represents their country in international tournaments and in the local ones.

As of now basketball in Algeria is gaining more popularity because of the achievements that the national team had gotten, even if they did not win in any championship games it is still something that they are proud of for in just participating in an international competition could already give a big honor to their country.

One proof that the Algerians are starting to appreciate basketball is the USPORT-Algeria program. It is a proof that the popularity of basketball is starting to rise because many Algerian basketball players, the youth and the Algerian basketball coaches participates in the said program, which only means that they are willing to learn basketball, they are willing to accept basketball into their culture.

Through the UPSPORT-Algeria program the Algerians will be able to learn basketball and share it to their friends and relatives which can help in spreading basketball in their country.

Another proof is the participation of many Algerians in the One on One Basketball program. The One on One Basketball Program is an organization that gives an opportunity for the youth and the young coaches to learn more about basketball.

The president which is also a co-founder of the organization, Arthur Jackson, said that Algeria is determined to improve the quality of basketball in their country and that the Algerians reached out to his group.

Last December 16 to December 20 2010, Arthur Jackson and five other American coaches went to Algeria to organize a basketball clinic for the boys, the girls and the young basketball coaches. The basketball clinic was successful because a lot of determined boys and girls, and basketball coaches participated in the said basketball clinic.

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