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Dwayne Wade in College

College basketball is important for those who want to play professionally. Although not all professional basketball players in the NBA today had gone to college, most of them did.

It is because College Basketball is one of the major ways for aprofessional basketball player wannabe to be noticed and recruit. Representatives from different NBA teams watch College Basketballto have an idea on who will be in store for them for the next Draft, and by then, they will be able to decide who they would pick since they saw the particular player play College Basketball.

Unfortunately, those who are still studying college, when given the chance to be one of the Draft and have not graduated yet, they leave school.

Dwayne Wade in College is quite memorable because his skills and eligibility was questioned. Let us discuss how Wade was able to overcome this situation. Due to academic problems only 3 schools asked him to join their team (Marquette University, Illinois State and DePaul University)

Wade joined Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and became a member of the Golden Eagles. Unluckily his eligibility was questioned, it was said that he had violated the NCAA’s Proposition 48. This disabled him to play for the season. Dwayne Wade was frustrated and immediately seek for help, he asked for tutors.

Thru his hard-work in studying and improving his writing skills he was able to regain his eligibility. In the next season as a so called eligible player he was able to create another school’s best record of 26-7 after the 1993-94 season.

He led the team in scoring 17.8 ppg, led the conference in steals at 2.47 per game, accumulated 6.6 rebounds per game and 3.4 assists per game. In the 2002-3 season the team made it into the finals and won the Conference USA championship, this was the first and last time the school won the title.

better shooting

After that the team proceeded to the Final Four ( it was the first time since winning the 1977 national championship. ) After that season Dwayne Wade became popular and was named as the All-Time America First Team by the Associated Press.Due to his skills he was able to play during the Midwest Regional Final of the 2003 NCAA Tournament and that was a talk of the town and was even publicized in the national press.

The team was playing against the highly favored Kentucky Wildcats. During this game he recorded a triple-double with 29 points. The triple-double he recorded was the fourth in the history of NCAA Tournament. The Marquetteteam won over the Wildcats and Wade was awarded as the MVP of the Midwest Regional.

Due to his exceptional play during his junior year and during the previous game, the NCAA game, Dwyane Wade decided not to go back to MarquetteUniversity, meaning he would not continue his studies for his senior year, because he declared that he is eligible for the NBA Draft. Four years after the NCAA game that Wade led, Marquette retired his jersey at halftime of a game.



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