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Dwayne Wade Biography

As we all know Dwayne Wade is one of the ace players of team Miami Heat.

He is one of the most famous too having a top selling jersey for two years had proved his popularity. He is well loved by the fans and has been controversial too due to his love affairs. Now let us discuss the Dwayne Wade biography.



The Dwayne Wade biography started obviously when he was born. He was born on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois on January 17, 1982. His parents were Dwayne Sr. and Jolinda Wade. His older sister Tragil was the one whom he considered to have shaped him as a person and led him to the right path.

Unfortunately his parents divorced and stayed with his father and stepmother. During his childhood his love for basketball was very visible. In fact he idolizedMichael Jordan which is a former player of team Chicago Bulls.


Varsity in school

Dwayne Wade attended Harold L. Richards High School where he played as a varsity of the basketball team. During his sophomores day he was not able to execute his talents instead his stepbrother Demetris McDaniel was the star player of the team. During his juniors days he was able to increase his playing game and he even grew four inches too.

In his senior year Wade Averaged 27.0 points and 11.0 rebounds per game while leading his team to a 24-5 record. During his high school year he had showed how great he plays however due to academic problems he was recruited to only three college basketball teams (Marquette University, Illinois State and DePaul University).

better shooting

Among the three colleges he chose to play for Marquette University. During his freshman days he was ineligible to play with his team due to a violation of the NCAA’s Proposition 48. He seek for tutor to improve his writing skills to be able to regain his eligibility.

When he was eligible to play the next year he lead the team and scored 17.8 ppg. Marquette finished with a 26-7 record, it was the best record of the school since 1993-1994 season. Wade’s performance in the Midwest Regional Final of the 2003 NCAA Tournament was a talk of the town and was highly publicized by the press competing against the most favored team that time the Kentucky Wildcats. Wade was able to record a triple-double with 29 points. Wade was able to show that though he was ineligible at first he could excel in the basketball field.


NBA career

Due to his popularity and visibility in the national media he’s been elected to forgo his senior year and proceed to the 2003 NBA draft. This started his NBA career, the most memorable part of the Dwayne Wade biography. On February 3, 2007 the school made a special exception for Wade because of his accomplishments for the team they did not require him to graduate to be able to have a jersey retirement. After being drafted as an NBA player he was able to show his moves and excellence in the field and there he created another history.



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