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Croatian Basketball Rosters

It is very obvious that most of the citizens in Croatia had an inborn talent in playing basketball and has a heart for basketball as well.

Basketball is one of the most popular sport in Croatia because of its very big impact to the lives of the Croatian, a lot of them make basketball as a part of their everyday leisure time. it is played outside of the house, in backyards and even in schools.

The government too is very supportive they even give funds to the national teams and established clubs which will enhance the skills of the future Croatia Basketball Rosters and NBA players.

Let us now discuss some of the most notable Croatia Basketball Players

Davor Kus

Kus position is a point guard but due to his versatility he could also serve as a shooting guard of the team. He was started his basketball career in year 1996 wherein he played for Kvarner however his contribution for the team is not that visible for many players excel and gather more attention during that time.

After three years of playing for Kvarner he had decided to transfer to Cibona Zagreb wherein he was able to show his skills, in his first season with the Zagreb he was able to lead the team to winning the Croatian League and Croatian Cup. It was in being a member of the Zagreb team that made him more known in the country and since then he was never forgotten by his fellow Croatians.

Due to his undeniably excellent skills and strategies in playing basketball, he was chosen to be a part of the senior Croatian national basketball team and became part of the team in year 2007.

He had contributed in the 2007 FIBA European Championship wherein the team was able to rank 6th in the said tournament. He is currently a part of the Croatia Basketball Rosters where he is able to show how great he is in basketball particularly in making an accurate jump shots.

Marko Popović

Popvic started his basketball career at a very young age which made him have an excellent skill in basketball for it was enhanced through time. In year 1998 he became a member of the KK Zadar which marked as his turning point of becoming a professional basketball player.

In his years as a part of the KK Zadar team his had works were acknowledged and even named as the Goodyear League’s MVP in the 2002-03 season of the game.

In year 2002 Popovic decided to join the senior men’s Croatian national basketball team. As a part of the national team he had played in numerous international compertitions such as in 2003,2005 and 2007 European Championship, 2008 Olympic Basketball Tournament and 2009 Eurobasket competition.

During his stay as a member of the Croatia Basketball Rosters he had contributed a lot for the team to gain victory, though they had won few medals they still remain victorious because they were able to give a good and honest fight in the competitions.



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