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Basketball in Croatia

The citizens in Croatia are very passionate in almost all kind of sports. They are very competitive and active in such stuffs. They even have teams that compete in international competitions.

It is just a sad fact that though Croatia is known for being aggressive and competitive in almost any sport, they had only few appearances in international competitions when it comes to basketball.

They only have a total of 14 appearances in international competitions including the Olympic Game, FIBA World Championships and Eurobasket Tournaments.

Though Basketball is loved by a lot of citizens there they still are not visible in international competitions up to now. They are more focused on their own leagues and tournaments.

I think it is one of the wrong decisions made by the government in not pushing the team more to compete in international competitions because it is very obvious that the national team is capable of giving a good fight in basketball and they even have a high chance of winning a gold medal.

By not consistently joining in international competitions the popularity of basketball in Croatia is in danger for a lot may lose the interest of the citizens in playing it.

Through international competitions the interest of the citizens in a country will increase therefore if the government will continue to neglect the national team’s potential in competing internationally surely the people there will stop believing on the capability of the team.

Let us discuss a brief history of basketball in CroatiaBasketball in Croatia was introduced long time ago. After it was first introduced it was immediately accepted by the country and in fact became one of the four most famous team games in the country. Basketball is very much loved by the country because of the joy it brings to the viewers as well as the players.

Basketball is very widespread in fact it is the most played sport in the world. Basketball’s popularity in other countries had not immediately started after it has been introduced. It took time to dominate other countries because of the World War during that time that had hindered the widespread of the sport. After the First World War where people became free and has no worries on dying any moment if they are outside of their house they began to play basketball which is becoming a big thing in the sports industry.

It is also after the First World War wherein basketball in Croatia became more popular. Basketball in the said country became first known in the towns of Zadar and Rijeka.Basketball in Croatia officially started in year 1929 particularly in January 27, 1929 wherein basketball is played for the first time in the said country.

The game was played in the Hall of Zagrab Assemblage in Martic Street. When it was first played in Croatia it immediately caught the heart of the citizens there, they started to create leagues and tournaments which made basketball very popular in just a short span of time.

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