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Connecticut Sun Arena

The Connecticut Sun has a very loyal fan base and because of this, the Arena and merchandise offered to them is top notch. Without the fans the team would cease to exist and the team loves being able to play for them.

The Sun work very hard all season round to be able to put on a good show for the fans.


Mohegan Sun Arena


The Mohegan Sun Arena was originally built for the Mohegan Wolves Arena Football Team. In 2004, the Mohegan Wolves were sold and relocated to Manchester, New Hampshire. On January 28, 2003, it was publicly announced that the arena would now be used to be the official home court for the Connecticut Sun WNBA Team.

This well-known, five-star arena has been the venue for varying occasions including the American Kennel Club’s Challenge Dog Show, sporting events and concerts. Locals love going to the Mohegan Sun Arena not only to see the Sun but some of their favorite musicians ranging from Aerosmith to Shania Twain to Sting to Eric Clapton and beyond.

In addition to concerts other shows take place here such as WWE shows, NCAA games, UFC bouts, Professional Bowlers Association Tournaments, and the World’s Strongest Man Super Series Competition.




The fans are the most important part to the team. The Sun has very loyal fans, who love watching them play. The Sun make a conscious effort make sure the crowd is involved and getting their money’s worth. Connecticut loves to be able to hear from their fans and have started an online forum where fans can discuss the game, post pictures, tell a funny story about the game or team, or just talk about how much they love the Sun.

This is the fan’s outlet to share how much fun they had at the game. By entering in an email address, fans can also get exclusive deals online.

In addition to this, the Sun likes to be able to give back to the fans and so have created and participate in many volunteer and community outreach programs. Some of the programs are health and fitness, scholarship opportunities, reading and literacy, and basketball camps and clinics.




Merchandise is an important part of the game because it brings in revenue but it also gives fans a way of showing off who their favorite team is. The Sun has many differing styles of merchandise that can suit fans of all ages. Some of the gear ranges from shirts to sweatshirts, jerseys, hats, bags, and flags.

The materials used are only of the highest quality so fans can get maximum usage out of it. New products are always coming out and email alerts can be sent out to let fans be the first to get their hands on these new products.

Many products online can also be customized, which allows for personalization and that extra touch to make the item special. There isn’t a better way to showcase your love for the Sun than to be at the game wearing your favorite Sun attire.



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