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Connecticut Sun Team Involvements

The Connecticut Sun is a team that loves to give back to the community.

The fans and community love watching the Sun and the Sun love being able to tell them how much they appreciate their attendance and support. Some of the team involvements are education and literacy, health and fitness, the Sun foundation, and community all-stars.


Education and literacy


One of the best team involvements the Sun has is being involved in Read to Achieve. Read to Achieve is a year-round, league initiative that involves all 30 NBA teams, 13 WNBA teams, and 6 NBDL teams.

This group shows the value of reading and on-line literacy, while showing the families the importance of families and adults reading with young children. This is the most extensive educational outreach program in the history of professional sports.

Not only does this program teach the value of reading but it also brings in an annual donation of 200,000 books per year through reading events and book fairs. Many of the WNBA teams have Read to Achieve “Tip-Off” events to start the summer reading season.

There are also All-Star reading teams that are made up of WNBA and NBA players, announcers, celebrities, etc that will go out to the community and read with young children. Teams also participate in WNBA store events and establish reading corners in their areas.


Health and Fitness


The Suns help to promote the importance of healthy living since it such a big part of their lives and careers. Teams host several different events at the start of the season to recognize the league’s commitment to the health and well-being of its fans and their communities.

The benefits of physical health and healthy living go past the physical appearance to include self-esteem and an overall positive image. Who better to learn from and promote this then the people who live it everyday?

The Sun also participate in hosting basketball camps and basketball clinics to help young athletes improve their skills while being active. Health and fitness will continue to be an important part Connecticut’s community involvement.


Sun Foundation


The Sun Foundation was started by the team to support athletic and educational endeavors of Connecticut’s youth. Mainly, this foundation gives educational scholarships to high school seniors, and grants to be used for the basketball court and equipment improvements.

This is only the second charity in the WNBA of this type. Each season, the Sun attempts to provide a $10,000 Bright Horizons Scholarship to a Connecticut high school senior who will be going to an accredited four-year college in Connecticut.


Community All-Stars


This program is designed to recognize people who have made a vast impact on the lives of others.

The Community MVP Award is given to this person for making a lasting contribution to the community through their unique commitment and humanitarian spirit. Each MVP will receive four tickets to a Connecticut Sun home game, a plaque given at center court, photo with a Sun player, and their photo and story on the Sun website



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