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Chinese Basketball Team Achievements

Each and every team has their own achievements. These achievements may not be in terms of medals and trophies, but may also be in terms of values.

There are a lot, and I mean a lot of teams that still do not have any gold, silver or bronze medals in the international competitions, but that doesn’t mean that they did not achieve anything.

The fact that they have played in an international competition is already an achievement. However, there are also a lot of team’s that have earned many achievements in terms of medals, and one of these teams is the Chinese National Basketball Team.

An Introduction

The Chinese National Basketball Team is the basketball team representing the People’s Republic of China in international competitions.

The governing body of Chinese baksetball operations is the Basketball Association in China. The Chinese National Basketball is recognized as the strongest team in Asia.

They have won more FIBA Asia Championships than any other national basketball team of the other nations. In Asia, the China has the most successful basketball program in terms of the Chinese Basketball achievements and based on the number of tournament titles.

The Team’s Roster

The team is composed of the best of the best players in China. The players in the Chinese National team came from different team or clubs in the Chinese Basketball Association.

They are called to be part of the National team of China for their great skills and to represent the People’s Republic of China. The team is composed of PF Ding Jinhui, PG Liu Wei, PG Yu Shulong, SG Wang Shipeng, SG Jin Lipeng, SF Sun Yue, C Zhang Zhaoxu, C Yi Jianlin , SG Guo Ailun, PF Wang Zhizhi, and SF Zhou Pen, led by the head coach Bob Donewald.

FIBA Asia Championship

The Chinese Basketball Team achievements in the FIBA Asia Championships are unforgettable. In a total of 15 games in the ABC Championships, which is held every two years, the Chinese Basketball team won as the champions in 13 games and 3rd in the other two games. Can you believe that?

It only shows us how great the team is and how they dominated the ABC Championships. In the 2005 FIBA Asia Championship, the team won the first place, in 2007, they were 10th which was the worst of their record and recently in 2009, they finished second.

better shooting

Asian Games

They did not only dominated in the FIBA Asia Championsips, but also in the Asian Games. They have been playing in the Asian Games since 1974, and since then their record has been unbeatable. The team won the gold medal for seven games, two silver medals and one bronze medal, which means that every Asian Games, which happens every four years, there’s no year that the Chinese National team haven’t been on the top three places


International Records

Though the team was number one in Asia, they didn’t win any gold medal in the FIBA World Championships. However, the fact that they represented their country and participated in the FIBA World Championships is already one of the most important of the Chinese basketball team achievements.

They also participated in the Olympics, again, withoug winning any gold medals. The Chinese people should be proud of the Chinese basketball achievements even though they haven’t won any gold medals in the international competitions.



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