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China in Basketball Olympics

As we all know basketball is connected to almost everyone’s life.

A person always has a basketball memory down to their brain and deep down inside of each ones heart, it maybe that they had been able to play or they had been able to cheer for a certain team. Basketball is undeniably popular due to the fun and excitement that it brings to everyone especially when one country competes with other country.

The effect that this friendly competition brings thru this sport is overwhelmingly priceless. This is the time when the love for once country is very visible in a peaceful manner (No war just plain game) It is when one can shout at the top of lungs just to cheer for their country. It is one of the times where patriotism takes place.

In China basketball is a part of the lives of the Chinese men too. In this country few women than men are into basketball. Basketball is something China should be proud of. They are known in the field of basketball particularly in Asia for they were able to win numerous championship titles when competing against Asian countries.

China in basketball Olympics had proven their worth in the sport. China in basketball Olympics is undeniably an item. China in basketball Olympics indeed is something that everyone knows because of their achievements who doesn’t right?

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China is very active in Olympics they even have a national basketball team who represents the country every competition. As a proof of their participation and excellence in Olympics here are some of their achievements:

As you can see China in Basketball Olympics is a big name especially in the Asia. They were able to grab almost all championship titles in every FIBA Asia Championship. Out of 16 games they won 14 gold medals.

They only failed to defend their title in FIBA Asia Championship due to certain conflicts in schedule. 2007 FIBA Asian Championship and 2008 Summer Olympics held on the same year in fact it was back to back. The team B of China was the one who played for the FIBA Asia Championship while the primary A team participated at the 2007 Stankovic Cup.

In the 2006 FIBA World Championship China was able to rank 15th earning two victories against Senegal and Slovenia. They ranked 15th among the 24 participants due to being defeated by the silver medalist of that year, Greece with a score of 95-64.



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