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Brazilian Basketball

The reason why basketball became very popular in Brazil started when the Brazilian National Basketball Team brought home the pride of garnering numerous awards from different tournament that the team have participated worldwide.

It can be undoubtedly claimed that Brazil is one of the top performing countries in terms of the sports basketball. Even though Brazil encounters tremendous defeat at times, their spirit will be as high as it can be for they really wanted to show their love for this sport. However, other countries are also trying their best to beat Brazil and because of this, Brazilian basketball teams have to extend their efforts up to their very best.

Brazil’s success in the World’s Basketball Championship in the year 1959 made them gathered more strength and commitment in giving their best.

That is why their hardships was then granted with another victory during the 1963 FIBA World’s Basketball Championship whereas they out shined all their competitors including Yugoslavia which landed on the second place and the USSR (now called Russia) which landed on the third place. The FIBA championship for Basketball was an international tournament which was hosted in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil during may 11th to 23rd of the year 1963.

Brazilian basketball have also showed what they to the world when they set foot on the Olympic Basketball arena in the years 1948, 1960 and 1964 whereas they brought home three bronze medals with high pride and glory. Their victories in the Americas Championships were also part of the history which happened in the years 1984, 1988 and in the 2005 where they emerged as champions.

Four medals were also garnered in the Pan American games in the years 1971, also in the year 1987 and lastly the year 1999. Since Brazilian’s basketball spirit was already at its peak, they have known no more boundaries for they have rocked the basketball arena like hot iron rod.

The winning streak of Brazil was the evidence that the country is really vying to become one of the best and they never failed in that mission.

Brazilian basketball was also considered one of the greatest not only because of the Men Basketball players but also of the Brazilian Women’s National Basketball team.

This team made a great significance in the basketball history for they have won several times not only on national competitions but also international tournaments where they have overcome other also equally powerful competitors from different countries.

With their compassion and commitment coupled with discipline their Olympic spirit of the Brazilian women basketball team made remarkable history for winning the 1994 FIBA World Cup held in Australia. Their team was lead by Hortencia Marcari also known as “The Queen” who is commended as one of the most indispensable and high profile athletes from the years 1983 up to 1996.

During this tournament, Brazilian women defeated the Chinese with the end score of 96 against 87. June 12, 1994 was the most historical date for the Brazilian Women for they won the FIBA World Cup. And one thing more, Brazil was the very first non-European or non-American team to win the Women’s Basketball Cup. Because of this, the country has already hosted the FIBA World Cup for four times during the years: 1957, ‘71, ’83 and ’06.



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