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Brazilian Basketball History

The history of basketball began when Dr. Naismith discovered a worthwhile game whereas a stone is being thrown into another stone.

He made a modification with this system, he then made use of a soccer ball and with the use of two baskets on the opposite sides the Basketball was then created.

Although the history of basketball first evolved in United States and in Canada in 1880s, this sport is now the most popular of all sports in the whole world. There is no place in this world that does not know the sport basketball.

When you talk about basketball, the first things that will come up in your mind are the players that rule in the NBA or the very famous national Basketball Association in United States. Other than that, Brazil is also included as one among the top countries that dominate in the basketball arena.

So how does basketball rise to fame in Brazil?

As the basketball sport was finally introduced to people in USA and Canada and was officially declared as a Sport. Many countries then became interested to learn the rules and how to play the game.

During the 1936 Summer Olympics which was held in Berlin, Germany the basketball then appeared as one of the official sports medal events. The competition took part from 7th to 14th of August of the same year. There were 23 nations including Brazil participated the said event which made Basketball the real largest tournament in terms of team sports in the whole world.

The basketball was still in an outdoor experiment at that time because of the fact that they made use of a lawn tennis court to hold the competition.

Although it was a good idea, this had caused a great problem especially during the final whereas the either was really adverse and the International Basketball Federation had no choice but to continue the game indoors. The competition was still successful because there were still winners to be declared and during those times, Dr. James Naismith was the one who awarded the medallists.

Indeed, basketball is one of the most famous ball games in Brazil. And because many Brazilians loved this sport through active involvement, many Brazilian Basketball teams have gathered many achievements which made them rise into fame. Not only men are the one who play Basketball for Brazil Basketball are open for both men and women.

Both teams are really famous in the basketball arena because of the fame and fortune that they bring to the country ever since this game was introduced in the world of sports.

The national team of Brazil is popular for its dedicated performance in the international basketball arena. They were twice victorious in the Basketball World Championships in the years 1959 and in 1966 with the coutries Yogoslavia and USSR as the second and the third in the ranking.

Brazil was also awarded with four medals in the past during the 1971, 1987 and 1999 Pan American Games.

Brazil is also proud of their Brazilian basketball players who are now making their names in the very famous NBA. Among them are: Anderson Varejao, Tiago Splitter, Leandro Barbosa, “Nene”, Marcelinho Machado, Rafael Hettsheimer, Alex Garcia and many more who are dedicated and was seen as potentials to follow the footsteps of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

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