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Basketball Players Of Algeria

Basketball is known in many countries and it surprised me that Algeria is not one of it.

Algeria, although has a large area and a huge population wasn’t able to be reached by the basketball fever. Before, basketball is not supported by the government but the vast majority of basketball fans remained obsessed especially because of the NBA games.

At present the government has learned to prioritize sport matters as well and is now doing their best to make basketball known in their country. They had created organizations and associations that helps aspirants become an excellent basketball player of Algeria that would represent the country in international competitions.

Let me tackle two of the Basketball players of Algeria that had greatly contributed in the widespread of the said sport in the country.

Samy Ameziane

Who is Ameziane? Ameziane is an Algerian citizen that was born on the 6th of January 1979 at Saint Denise, France. He had started playing basketball at a young age and had promised to himself that he will become a professional basketball player someday.

When he went to high school at the University of Connecticut he became a member of the basketball varsity Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball. Unfortunately he was not able to pursue his dream to become a professional basketball player and had decided to go with his second love which is performing. Because of his unique sense of humor and intelligence he was accepted by people as a comedian.

Amezaine is one of the basketball players of Algeria that I could say had made basketball known in his country. Ameziane is currently performing in a live show as a comedian and he usually gather a huge crowd. During his performances in his show he never fails to relate it to basketball and thru this plenty became curious in basketball.

Thru this he had made more citizens of Algeria be interested in basketball. Amezaine although is not active physically in basketball, we could still see his love for the sport for he may not be playing basketball but he has shared his experiences of joy and excitement every time he plays basketball.

Ali Bouziane

Who is Ali Bouziane? Bouziane is an Algerian professional basketball player that is currently making a big name in basketball industry.

He plays as a shooting guard for Proteas EKA AEL in Cyprus. Aside from playing for Proteas EKA AEL, he has also played for the Algerian national basketball team wherein he had helped the team to give a good fight during international competitions. He is considered to be one of the basketball players of Algeria that had contributed in the widespread of basketball in the country because he was able to show that Algerians could excel in sports too.

He proved that Algerians could be a good competitor in the field of basketball. He is known because he has proven that those who aspire to become professional basketball players could be excellent players someday if only they are given the chance to showcase their talents.



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