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Basketball History – Hungary

Since its inauguration and its remarkable win with Bronze Medal in the 1946 EuroBasket, the history of Basketball in Hungary still continues in the year 1953.

The show of being great basketball players of the Hungarian National Basketball team has been quite unobservable. The gap of 7 years could not be just regarded as a joke but of course a challenge that needs to be met by these aspiring world Champions.

Hungarians are known for their being good sportsmen and since they are also skilful in terms of playing Basketball, they would not let that anyone would be greater than them in this game. Hungarian Basketball players are blessed of great spirits when they joined in the 1953 EuroBasket.

It was indeed their Next Best Appearance in the Basketball scene. The 1953 EuroBasket was held in Moscow. It was the second time that they have brought home a Medal. They were included in the group of the defending champion and Host Country Soviet Union. Hungary had an early good track record with a 2-1 which made them qualify in the Finals.

During the finals, even though hey have prepared for the most awaited part of their basketball career, they were still defeated by the Soviet Union.

The team of Soviet Union has also defeated the other great Teams from the countries, France and Czechoslovakia. On the other hand, Hungary still won over 4 teams in the finals however this scenario had made them tie up with the team of France and Czechoslovakia as well as Israel.

Moreover, Hungary National Basketball Team emerged on the tie breaker round whereas they landed as the second placer next to the Soviet Union. This was one of their greatest victories ever tasted. But they did not know what future has something in store for them.

On the 1955, the next season after the year 1953, Hungary hosted the EuroBasket specifically in Budapest. The Hungarian national Basketball players were surprised to know that they can be able to once again show what they really got in the Sport Basketball. They successfully won all of the subsequent three games which made them qualified straight to the final rounds.

The first game on the final round was with Czechoslovakia which they were defeated with an end score of 75-65 in favor of the Czechs. However, Hungarians shone in their next four games against the countries Yugoslavia, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy where all of these countries were defeated.

Once again in the final games of the 1955 EuroBasket, they were left to play against the defending Champion Soviet Union who had also lost against the Czechoslovakians. Hungarians tasted another toast of glory as they have defeated the Soviet Union leaving them with their second loss.

However, the deciding games were matched between the two last teams of Romania and our very own Hungary. Hungarians finally had their very first Gold Medal as the Romanians walked out of the Basketball court being the second placer.



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