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Argentina Basketball

Basketball in Argentina had gone numerous struggles in order to be known in the country. One evident proof that they had suffered in making the sport widespread in Argentina was during the 1950 FIBA World Championship where they were able to win the championship match.

During that event the citizens in Argentina was not that supportive, though they had won the crowd is still not embracing basketball as one of their main sports.

Football is the country’s main sport or should I say well loved sport. It is even a part of their culture for a lot of the citizens there make it as their favorite past time. But basketball in Argentina is not something that should be neglected because like football basketball has also brought numerous honor for the country.

The popularity of basketball in Argentina began when the national team won the gold medal in 2004 Summer Olympics through this event the citizens in Argentina had been awaken and was able to realize that basketball should be supported for it had bragged a lot of achievements for the country.

Since then the popularity of basketball became more visible for a lot of youths had considered playing basketball in their leisure time too, women are starting to love basketball as well. In fact even if basketball women division is not professional in Argentina a lot of women are still playing the said sport. Like men national team, women national team has also strived hard to bring honor to the country and their latest achievement was ranking 9th place in the 2006 FIBA World Championship for Women.

The Major National League in Argentina

The major national league in Argentina is the Liga Nacional de Basquet, which means National Basketball League in English, which is organized by the Basketball Clubs’ Association. Before the Liga Nacional de Basquet was formed, the top level basketball league in Argentina was Campeonato Argentino de Clubes which was governed by the Argentine Basketball Federation.

The Liga Nacional de Basquet was formed in the year 1984 by the Argentinian coach Leon Najnudel and the sports journalist Osvaldo Orcasitas. The said league was formed to increase the popularity of basketball in Argentina, and to encourage the Argentinian youth to play basketball and experience friendly competitivenes because the league is the combination of the many existing basketball leagues in Argentina.

The Liga Nacional de Basquet is composed of sixteen different teams, and these teams are the following: 9 de Julio, Argentino, Atenas, Boca Juniors, Ciclista Olimpico, Gimnasia y Esgrima, Juventud Sionista, La Union, Lanus, Libertad, Monte Hermoso Basquetbol, Obras Sanitarias, Peñarol, Quimsa, Regatas, Weber Bahia Estudiantes.

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Among all the mentioned teams, the team that had won the most of the leagues’ championships is the Atenas, the said team had a total of nine championships and six runner-ups.

The team’s last championship was in season 2008-2009. The team next to the Atenas with the most number of championships is the Boca Juniors with a total of three championships and and three runner-up awards.

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