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History of the Argentina Basketball

Argentina Basketball is being represented by the Argentina National Basketball team in the international competitions. The team is being guided by the Argentine Basketball Federation since this is the organizing body of basketball all over the country.

For the record, Argentina is the only team included in the FIBA Americas sector to win a quintuplet crown whereas in the year 1950 they won in the first edition of the FIBA World Championships; they have also brought home the Gold Medal of the 2004 Olympics; they prevailed as champions in the 2008 FIBA Diamond Ball; they are also the Gold Medallist in the 1995 Pan American Games and last but not the least, they have won the FIBA Americas Championship in the year 2001.

Argentina is very much into the sport basketball as they have also won 12 times in the South American basketball championship. The country is also proud about their young basketball player delegates for they are also winning in many youth basketball competitions internationally.

In the history of Argentina Basketball, the years 1928 to 1957 was regarded as their World Champions Generation. After the success of the 1948 Olympic Tournaments, the Federation of the Basketball Association or FIBA have decided to also start a World Championship.

The very first country to host the event is Argentina, the inauguration was also held in the country in 1950. The Argentina Basketball squad was deployed with purely amateur players who were trained of course in preparation of the event.

The Argentina National Basketball Teams are being lead by the famous players, Ricardo Gonzales who is the captain, Juan Carlos Uder, Roberto Viau, Leopoldo Contarbio and Raul Perez Varela. In the same event, Argentina defeated the team from France with the end score of 56-40 in the preliminary rounds. The decisive match was played with the team of USA and they prevailed as champions with the end score of 64-50.

After their success in the 1950 FIBA World Championships, Argentina brought home the silver medal for the Pan American Games in the year 1951 which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have also landed in the 4h place at the Summer Olympics held in Finland in the year 1952.

However, due to some unexpected circumstances, Argentina did not partake in the South American basketball Championship in the year 1954. They have returned in the 1955 Pan American Games whereas they have landed on the second place garnering a silver medal.

The high time for the Argentina’s evolution in the Basketball sports was at the said decade. From that time on, the Argentina has continuous participation in the international basketball competitions, whereas they always made it to runner ups and in the top ranks.

Argentina finished in the 5h place during the South American Championship dated 1968. This was not a good sign for the delegation. Moreover, after they have only finished as third in the 1969 South American Championship, they were not qualified for the World championships held the year after.

This was very devastating for them because this was the first time that they did not take part in the competitions since their inauguration in 1950.


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