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2003 WNBA Draft Analysis

The time was right with the stars aligning and all that cosmological stuff, and then there came a firestorm of talent into the world of women’s professional basketball.

That storm was the 2003 WNBA Draft and it had all of the excitement of the best years of the NBA and definitely the CBA of days gone by! Today we are going to have a look back at the draft that some basketball analysts consider to be the best in not only the WNMBA but in all of female professional sports.

Great Picks

Judging from the normal parameters of what a draft consist of such as; teams that did the best with their allotted picks, biggest surprises and sleepers, this 2003 WNBA Draft had all of that and so much more!

This year was truly one to recall and one that has, in 2010, had an enormous impact as well as a nice surprise for the draft year, it had LaToya Thomas.

LaToya Thomas Number One Selection

Before the 2003 WNBA Draft even started there were some naysayers that had this selection day as being rated as just a run-of-the-mill draft with only a few average ballers to select from. The surprise was not only that this draft is now seen as one of the best, ever; this pool of players now has garnered the most awards and bonus money of any of the WNMBA drafts! Talk about overachieving!

Big Time Player

The undisputed Bell of the Ball was none other than the perennial All-Pro from Starkville, Mississippi (Mississippi State University). She was an undisputed first round pick, going to the basket-ball club that is located in Cleveland.

The impact that LaToya Thomas has had on not only her first WNBA team, Cleveland Rockets, but the entire WNBA league as well! Being ambidextrous has proven to be a very big asset for this 6 time All-Pro out of the Deep South with Thomas taking home World Championship gold a few times since that inaugural 2003 WNBA Draft.

The Selections of 2003

Please have a look below at a run-down of the 2003 WNBA Draft and see of you recognize any of these lovely and talented players that are or had made a definite statement in the league and in the world of professional women’s sports.