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Youth Basketball Shooting Drills

If a youth basketball coach is going to start teaching the basics of the game, the first place that he would have to start is with shooting drills.

It is important to teach these players the basics of the jump shot in order to ensure that they can build confidence in that area and build their skills in other more advanced areas of the game.

There are a number of shooting drills that are not only fun but will also help refine the skills needed in order to succeed in making the jump shot as easy as riding a bike.

Youth Basketball shooting drills encompass a wide variety of shots starting from easiest to hardest. These drills will help refine the player’s scoring abilities from all spots on the court while building confidence in their shot making ability while completing the drills.

The easiest drill for which players of all ages compete in order warm-up is the lay-up drill.

The drill involves players standing on both sides of the free throw line and attempting lay-up by hitting the ball off the backboard, while the player on the other side will rebound the ball and pass to the next person in line.
This allows for this drill to be completed very quickly and allows players to not only work on their lay-up skills, but also their rebounding and passing. This is the most basic basketball drill there is.

The next drill for shooting would be the free-throw drill. This drill will usually end a practice with each player trying to make a set number of free throws before being let go for the day. The usual amount of shots needed to be made before leaving for the day is 15-20.

However, players trying to perfect the free throw will take up to a 1000 a day in order to become comfortable shooting from the foul line. The free throw while the easiest shot in basketball or so it may seem, can also be the most nerve racking.

Another drill is the 3-point drill, a lot of players can use improvement on this shot and a lot of them will pick certain spots behind the three-point arc where they feel most comfortable and begin to shoot, this is very similar to the free throw drill except it is farther out.

Another shooting drill that is heavily practiced by players of all ages is the catch and shoots drill. This drill is simply a player getting open anywhere on the floor and receiving a pass from a teammate or coach and they would shoot almost immediately.

This will allow the player to feel comfortable shooting if he is only going to be open for just a few seconds. The catch and shoot is one of the more important shooting drills as it teaches you to get your feet set and shoulders squared up very quickly in order to get a quality shot off.

These are just the basics of shooting drills, however, there are hundreds if not thousands of different drills that will improve a player’s shooting as well as increase their comfort level with a particular shoot, which in turn will make them a much more confident player.


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