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Youth Basketball Offensive Plays

One of the hardest parts of coaching young people is to teach them youth basketball offensive plays. When you study offense, you will learn about the different kinds of offenses, the types of screening plays and cuts, how to choose the best offense type for your team, and the aspects most important when you teach offense.

You will also learn some sample offenses, how to construct your own offense, and how to employ the theory of scoring points by understanding the theory behind different types of offenses.

The offense is normally your method of scoring baskets and playing for open shots against the opposing team. Most coaches see their offense as one motion that is continuous, or a play that they can run repeatedly. Coaches also usually have a variety of youth basketball offensive plays at the ready, to use, including set plays, which are generally used only situationally.

You will want to teach your young people how to set screens for your offense. When you have one youth setting a solid screen, their teammate will have an excellent chance at a clear shot, or a good pass to another member of the team.

In a screen, one of your offensive players will block (legally) the path of an opponent, to free up another offensive player for a clear pass or shot.

When setting a screen, your offensive team member should keep their feet a bit wider than the width of their shoulders, to create a strong, wide base. Make sure the screener has been trained to stay still as they set the screen, so they don’t get called for a foul. They need to keep themselves square to the defender.

One of the most easy youth basketball offensive plays for you to teach is called the “Michigan”. In it, you will station players at strategic points on the court.

Players 4 and 5 will be on the post. Players 1,2 and 3 should be able to handle the ball well. As soon as player 1 comes downcourt, player 4 sets a screen for player 2, and player 5 does the same for player 3. After they set the screens, they should attempt to seal the defenders behind them, to open up to the ball.

Player 1 passes to player 2, as player 4 sets a screen for player 5, and player 1 sets a screen for player 3. Player 5 will explode to the side where the ball is, and player 3 will run to the top of the key. In this formation, they can select the player who is most open for a shot, and get him the ball.

One of the most effective and easiest of youth basketball offensive plays is the yo-yo offense. It’s a simple zone offense that you can use at any skill level. Players 1, 2 and 4 will be your wing players, and 4 and 5 will be your post players.

Player 1 will start with the ball, and he can pass it to whichever wing is more open. The players without the ball will move to get open, or set screens. Whenever the ball is at the wing, the wing player should not rush, but be patient as he tries to find a hole in the defense.

When the ball is passed back to player 1, then player 5 should flash through the lane, looking for a quick entry pass, if he’s open. He’ll only be open for a second, so if they miss the connection, work the ball around again. Player 4 stays in place until the pass gets to player 3.

Then he goes to the high post. Have them work the ball around within their zones, setting screens when they can, until they find an open shot. We hope these youth basketball offensive plays work for you and your young team!


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