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Yao Ming Pictures

23 Yao Ming pictures. The big man from China who’s got over one billion fans can be seen on many places.

As a 13 year old kid, he had to practice 10 hours a day to make the team.

His father was 6 foot 10 and his mom 6 foot 2. With the combination of him, playing basketball it’s understandable that he’s freaking huge. If he can get faster, it’s scary to think what he’d be able to do. He’d remind you of Chinese Wilt Chamberlain.

But it’s not just speed that prevents “China Wall” from playing at his full potential. Injuries prevail. Just at the time when they need him the most, he’d get a fractured foot or something else.

To be honest, back in 2002, I thought Shaq would be a little boy and Yao would dominate both ends of the court. But that wasn’t the case. He still needs to learn the game of basketball and improve as a player.