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WNBA Finals

The WNBA Finals is the championship series of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), played in the month of September and early October.

This final series is a best of five-playoff format, which is perfect for the all-female WNBA league final series. A basketball fan must understand that this is not the NBA but the WNBA and some differences must be made so that the league can stand on its own two beautiful feet and is not seen in competition with the male counterpart league of the NBA.


Opening the Door to Glory


We will make no bones about it since we are all man in this posting review of Adobe NBA and will make no apologies for calling these women beautiful athletes.

There is no fear about being politically and correct would the statements as we feel that a woman that can play at the professional level in the United States were gardens of the kinky place for an Adobe NBA is worthy of both praised and cons of complementary suggestions.




Since this posting is about the WNBA Finals, we will stick to that format and start with one of the best things that has ever graced the heart and the eyes, Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm. This game will is the current 2010 2011 of the NBA world champion is a great dynasty in the making.

With full star power from Sue Bird and her teammates from this great area of Seattle, we see no reason why this cannot be a dynasty and have three peat written all over it.


2011 Champions


To explain fully how the WNBA Finals are determined we will walk you through a scenario of next year’s WNBA Finals or at least how we think it is going to end up in late November 2011. On the other hand, we can just cut to the chase, go ahead, and crown the Seattle Storm led by Sue Bird right here and right now.Introducing the 2011 WNBA Finals Champion Seattle Storm!


WNBA Playoffs


The WNBA Finals were originally a single championship game between two teams with both having a 50% chance of winning the championship trophy. However, in 1998, after the addition of two teams, the WNBA World Championship Finals were turned into a best-of-three games series, much to the appreciation of fans all across the world.

In 2005, the WNBA World Championship Finals adopted a best-of-five format. This finale series was known as the WNBA Championship from 1997 to 2001, before returned to the more-standardized name to better reflect its NBA counterpart.



If you want to know more about the WNBA Finals all you have to do is go ahead and settle down in the month of November of next year and watch this fantastic series final against the best female basketball players the world has to offer! These women truly can play the sport of basketball and some shoot much sharper than their male counterparts do in the NBA.


Sharpshooting Girls


Females have always been better shooters than males. This comes from their sense of patience and ability to do something repeatedly- like practicing shooting their shot. The women of the WNBA Finals proved this each time they go out on the court and hit six of seven from the three-point line or maybe 15 of 15 free throws on a normal basis.


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