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WNBA All Star Game History

With the popularity of the WNBA soaring almost every game, it is little wonder that the WNBA All-Star game and its vibrant history are climbing the ladder of success and appreciation as well.

From this male basketball ex-collegiate player and a fan of both the collegiate and professional levels, it was not a far departure for this aging but incredibly cagey NCAA veteran to appreciate the all-female WNBA All-Star game.

What man does not like to see women playing basketball especially with a skill level that approaches some of the benchwarmers in the NBA?

Pure Excitement

If you have not witnessed a WNBA All-Star Game either in person or on television or maybe on the Internet these days then you are missing out among some of the greatest opportunities to see women playing basketball, ever.

Presently the WNBA All-Star game history is on a winter break with Christmas 2010 rapidly approaching it will not be long before Sue Bird and her Seattle Storm lace up those sweet-sneakers and start reining in threes from the Pacific Northwest.

Until then why not have a look at a few of the most-monumental WNBA All-Star game histories and wet your appetite for some of the best female professional basketball players on planet Earth? 2010 USA Olympic All Stars 99, WNBA 72

The location of this year’s game was one that has a close and enriched history with the WNBA, Connecticut. This was the third time the state of Connecticut has hosted the basketball showcase, after previously hosting the 2005 and 2009 All Star games.

This game was a bit different from the rest of the usual All Star Games of the WNBA. It was a match between the USA Women’s National Team and a team of great WNBA All-Stars.
2009: West 130, East 118

Swin Cash poured in an All-Star Game record 22 points and won the MVP award while helping the Western Conference get back on the winning track in a 130-118 victory over the East.

2007: East 103, West 99

Cheryl Ford of the Detroit Shock shot the lights out of Washington D.C. with16 points and added 13 rebounds to take home the MVP honors. The Sun’s Katie Douglas scored 18 points to give the East a 103-99 victory.

2005: West 122, East 99

Undoubtedly the most highly anticipated as well as exciting, highest-scoring WNBA All-Star Game in the event’s history, was the 2005 event. This All Star Game had it all: great female dunks, trick plays, crazy shots, brilliant passing and, most of all, Sue Bird. Sheryl Swoopes erased all doubts about her comeback to win the M.V.P., and presented what can be seen as a precursor for the award she would win at the end of the season. Lisa Leslie dunked once again and Deanna Nolan came very close to doing the exact same thing!

2003: West 84, East 75

An unfortunate injury sidelined the legend Lisa Leslie, so Nikki Teasley took over. N. Teasley, who had two points at halftime, finished the game with 10 points, six assists, six rebounds, five steals and MVP honors as the WNBA West rallied to beat the WNBA East 84-75 and stay unbeaten in All-Star play.


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