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Watch NCAA Tournament Online

One of the major benefits of the World Wide Web has trickled into the World of Sports.
Note that it was less than a decade ago that fans were forced to watch the NCAA tournament from one source on cable or dish.

Now, fans are able to watch pre-game reports, analysis, predictions, post-game highlights, and even games in their entirety online.

CBS does a fantastic job of covering the tournament each year, yet even the network itself admits that it’s merely not enough.

The problem with the NCAA tournament is that multiple games are often taking place at the same time, and CBS may only cover one game at a time. As a result, CBS added the ability to watch every single game, anytime of any day, in its entirety – only on

This special feature allows you to catch up on all the action you may have missed while at school, work, or simply one that you missed while another game was broadcasted on CBS.

Several other outlets allow you to watch the NCAA tournament online. MMOD in association with has provided HD coverage of every single game from this past 2010 NCAA Tournament. Viewers may watch any game, including the historic David versus Goliath, Duke versus Butler National Championship game.

The NCAA has also promised fans that they will broadcast all games from the 2011 tournament on demand, through MMOD as well. For more information:

If the above options are not enough, several other providers present the opportunity to watch NCAA tournament online through a subscription service, VIP membership, or even for free.

It will be interesting to see where we stand next March, as the NCAA is currently proposing a revision to postseason play. The National Invitational Tournament (NIT) is actually the longest active postseason tournament in college basketball (yes, longer than the NCAA Tournament) and has provided quality postseason play for 32 teams that fell just shy of the Big Dance; yet could be disbanded in 2011 in order to expand the current field of the NCAA Tournament.
If the proposal sticks, the field would expand from 65 teams to a much larger 96 team field. The proposition was made in an attempt to provide more teams with a shot at the national title. 65 teams may seem like a lot, but is actually a very small number when you compare it to the 347 Division I teams who have a shot at the Big Dance at the beginning of the season.

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Coaches like Paul Hewitt (George Tech) are in favor of the decision, while others, like Mark Fox are outspoken critics. Hewitt had this to say about the 96 team field. “We have [347] Division I teams now, and only 65 are going. We’ve increased it by one since 1985.

That just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.” Meanwhile, people like Fox believe that the substantial addition to the field would dilute the “magical” event. “To reach the tournament should be a very special accomplishment,” the Georgia coach said. “There are not 96 teams that are deserving to go.”

How do you feel about the proposed changes in March Madness? Would it help improve the tournament or force it to lose some of its luster?
Regardless of how you feel, here’s to a magical 2011 tournament and the opportunity to catch the games you missed on television, somewhere online.

Watch NCAA Tournament Online: Important Dates

Selection Sunday March 13

Opening Round Game March 15

First Round March 17-18

Second Round March 19-20

Sweet Sixteen March 24-25

Elite Eight March 26-27

Final Four April 2

National Championship April 4


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