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Utter Dominance of the Eastern Bloc Nations with Plyometrics

The science of plyometrics is an exercise program created by the U.S.S.R. and their sports coaches during the years following the Cold War.

It seems that they made the breakthrough during a weight-lifting research testing in Moscow and then transferred that knowledge to all their communist sports teams.

What does all this mean to you and your vertical jumping basketball program? It means that now you can too win the gold and dominate the court with an improved basketball skill set and that all starts with a super-enhanced vertical leap.

USSR National Basketball Team


The plyometric exercise that the Soviets liked to use the most was the ‘Thigh and Side’ exercise for the USSR National Basketball Team. This exercise has been transformed and is currently part of a workout system that is very popular in the sports teams across the world today.


Great Basketball Plyometric Exercise


This plyometric exercise concentrates most of the energy created from the most powerful muscle in the body, the thigh, and effectively transfers that energy down into the leg for an explosive and very fast vertical leaping action.

Think of it as training a spring to be really wound up as tight as it can go then released. This is how you will feel after a few weeks of doing this time-honored plyometric exercise.

• Start off by Squatting Down into a Catchers Position and Hold this for one 60 Second Count

• At 60 Spring up and Land in a Semi-Bent Position then Ease Back Down to the Catchers Stance

• Repeat 10 Times for 15 Sets

The science that is plyometrics was first used by the Soviets along with their Eastern Bloc comrades during the early hey-days of the 1970’s at the Olympic Games.

If you are old enough or have studied up on the dominance of those eastern teams you will realize that it was not steroids that caused them to bring home so much gold it was plyometrics. The Soviets really learned the answer to the age-old question of how to increase my vertical and they learned it well.

Silent for Now


Presently, in the here and now, the Soviet plyometric machine has long been silenced. The leftover education, granted by these proactive, national, sports masters of the Eastern Bloc nations, is the reason why you can learn how to leap higher.


Learning to Fly


A great way to start a plyometric training program is to stay right here on this site and learn all you can about the programs that are being offered. It will not be an overnight instance of change and it will take a great deal of intestinal fortitude coupled with a due diligence effort.

Only after you have committed yourself to the aspect of jumping higher with a quicker first-step then you have taken literally the first step in soaring while playing basketball.

You can do this and you can gain valuable points while dreaming of dunking the rock at the last second of a tied game. That is the type of dreams that will propel you to victory and will leave your opponents in the dust or at least looking up at the bottom of your sneakers as you glide on by to the basket with a thunder-dunk!


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