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Tracy McGrady or Kobe Bryant

Today we are going to look at two of the finest players that the NBA has ever seen and even do a bit of a comparison between the two.

While it is not really fair to place Tracy McGrady of the Detroit Pistons up against Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakersat this point in time, we will hint at a few of the reasons why right here today in this review.

Bad Boys

Kobe definitely has his game and his team firing on all cylinders as back-to-back NBA World Champions and the Los Angeles Lakers are dynasty-approved already. The point of that would be mute as we all know that Kobe Bryant, at this point in his game, is a better all-around player then Tracy McGrady.

What we will have to do in this review is look at both players and look at their benefits to their respected teams. By examining them in this light it will be the fairest way possible to bring to you some insight for not one player over the other but together what they bring to their teams.

Tracy McGrady

First we’ll start off with taking a look at the career of Tracy McGrady, presently, and we will show you how this player has battled through some rough spots and now is coasting towards what many feel is the end of a great career.

We will not bog-you-down with high school or college to NBA draft stats and figures but we will cut right to the chase and say that Tracy McGrady is not the player that he was 10 years ago when he entered the NBA.

Give and Take

In the same breath Tracy McGrady is still keen in his mind and in his effort but that just doesn’t transcend anymore in his ball playing abilities for the Detroit Pistons or any other team in the National Basketball Association.

Just what does Tracy McGrady bring to the Pistons in their quest for a playoff appearance this season of 2010 2011? Intensity and a high-profile name that takes away one of the best defensive players on the other side just so that T-Mac doesn’t explode on your for a quick 25 points.

That’s what T-Mac brings to the Detroit Pistons and that’s why they signed him on for atleast a couple of years because he is still a very dangerous offensive threat as well as the NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1999) a few years back.

better shooting

Kobe Wins

Now we will take a quick look at everybody’s all-star favorite unless you’re from the East Coast of the United States and then it is the Boston Celtics but today it is Kobe Bryant. Kobe dominates most games in which he is part of and with his star-studded menagerie of teammates it is easy to see why they are so dominant.

The two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers demand that nothing can be said that is negative about this organization or Kobe Bryant and his lofty basketball playing skills.

better shooting

What Kobe Bryant brings to the table for the Los Angeles Lakers in terms of points and rebounds and assists and everything else that makes a great player great and in the prime of his career is what makes Kobe the perennial All-Star in the league, year after year.

Why Kobe Wins

The main reason why the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant win so much and most-recently is because of chemistry and balance. These guys have it from top to bottom and their coach is a Zen-Master that knows how to motivate and keep motivated his players.


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