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Top 10 College Basketball Teams

The top 10 college basketball teams for the current 2009 2010 season are listed below. There are many reasons why we can consider Kansas or Kentucky or even Purdue as the eventual 2010 NCAA tournament champion.
The best way to go about this is to state a little bit about each of the top 10 teams and their chances of winning the illustrious and elusive crystal NCAA trophy this year. We can start by first listing the top 10 and go from there!

Top 10 basketball teams for the 2010 season as of March 2010

1) Kansas Jayhawks

2) Kentucky Wildcats

3) Purdue Boilermakers

4) Syracuse Orangemen

5) Duke Blue Devils

6) Kansas State Wildcats

7) Villanova Wildcats

8) West Virginia Mountaineers

9) Ohio State Buckeyes

10) New Mexico Lobos

After looking at the top 10 bracket it is now discussion time! Some of the teams are actually the same regular teams that are involved in previous rankings! Let’s start with the top team in the land the Kansas Jayhawks.

With an outstanding record of 26 wins and only 1 loss it is easy to see why the Jayhawks are on the top spot this year! Kansas is peaking at just the right time as the conference tournament is about to start. A strong frontcourt with one of the best defenses in the nation has propelled the Kansas Jayhawks to the top spot in the college basketball world.

Number two is the University of Kentucky Wildcats at 26-1. These Wildcats really know how to call their way to the top and have done so for so many years it just seems normal to see them in the top to read the nation for the college basketball world.

Number 3 is held by the Purdue Boilermakers and this review or an alumnus is topic to end up the entire NCAA basketball tournament as numero will go.
The Purdue Boilermakers have one of the best defenses known to college basketball and also have easily one of the best players in all the land, Ju-Juan Johnson.

Number 4 is the Syracuse Orangemen at 25 and 2 and a very high-scoring team at that. Maybe this is the year that Coach Boheime will lead his Orangemen to victory in the Final Four? Only time will tell as long as he can get past the Boilermakers the ‘Q’ may be sitting pretty good! Their primary goal, as usual, is to take that trophy always back to Syracuse, New York.Rounding out the top 5 is the basketball dynasty that is the Duke Blue Devils.

The Cameron Crazies have a lot to cheer about this year as the team started out slow but has righted the ship and is well on its way to its eventual goal of the ACC championship then Final Four seating and eventual NCAA Basketball Championship.

better shooting

Isn’t that every team’s goal anyways? Number 6 through 10 in the top 10 college basketball team’s rankings for the season of 2009- 2010 will be spoken about right here. The Kansas State Wildcats the nations surprise team this year as they were picked to be 3rd or 4th in the Big 12 but have surprised great teams such as the University of Texas as well as Oklahoma.

better shooting

Number 7 is the Villanova Wildcats and their return to the top 10 is a tribute to the entire program up there in the Big East Conference. Recall how dangerous the cats can be with their upset of heavily-favored Georgetown Hoyas in the 1985 NCAA Championship game?
Number 8 is the West Virginia Mountaineers and if this surprises you to see the usual football loving Mounties up here so high in the basketball poll it should not as they have built quite a program there in Morgantown the last few years.

The Ohio State Buckeyes round out the top 9 and with only 7 losses on a season that was supposed to be mediocre at best the Buckeyes are really making a name for themselves in the Big Ten and should have a strong showing in the NCAA college tournament. Closing out the top 10 in the top 10 college basketball teams ranking this year are the New Mexico Lobos! This even surprises every college basketball writer in the land as no one would ever have dreamed of the University of New Mexico Lobos having a shot at being in the top 25 much less the top 10?

With only a week to go before the final game for many of the NCAA Division I basketball teams seasons it seems like this top 10 will have little movement yet no one ever knows what can happen with every basketball game.

The best way to keep up-to-date is to check frequently to this website and see if we’ve updated any comments as the world of college basketball and the top 10 college basketball teams have only just begun. Bring on March Madness!


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