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Techniques to Jump Higher

Techniques to Jump Higher

The best techniques to jump higher are always the ones that are the hardest to master. This is the path that you must take in order to jump higher and be able to play basketball the professional way.

This is not meant to scare you off, as that is not the purpose of this review. The purpose is to either tell it to you like it is and you must be strong-willed and persistence or be able to learn those characteristics and learn them very quickly.

Eating Well Thinking Better

The physical fitness as well as the nutritional aspects that are part of this benefit that will be yours if only you step up to the plate and deliver a home run, are only the beginning to playing great basketball, on any level.

The science of plyometrics lays at the core for the exercises that will radically alter your vertical leaping ability and start you up the ladder in the game of basketball.


No High Jump Champion Only

The game of basketball does not require that one be the highest jumper on the court in order to be successful and it does not require the best athlete to score the most points. What it does require is both a sense of profuse staffer and a mine that is as sharp as a tack 100% of the time.

Since basketball is a game of both athletic ability and skill it is important that you focus your energy and your mind on improving your vertical leaping ability to the use of these exercises and vertical writing aliment.

Jump Higher and Score More Points

When you are playing the game of basketball, it is an essential aspect of the basics of basketball that you jump higher. An impressive vertical leap is a highly prized and much sought after ability regardless of the level of play that you are currently experiencing. The main reasons for this are many and include scoring, rebounding, blocking shots, playing longer, playing better defense, and just being a better player boats often silly and defense only.

You Will Play Better as You Jump Higher

By jumping higher, the basketball player has the ability to shoot better by being elevated over the defenders reach, which makes scoring a tad bit easier. Notice that we set a tad bit easier and did not say that it would be extremely easy to score points on any level, as this is not an easy endeavor.

What being able to jump higher will do for you is to as mentioned above elevate yourself higher than ever before against the defenders who are trying to stop you from putting your ball in your basket. The rebounding aspect will become almost second nature as you rise above the defenders and swipe multitudes of bounds and clean the glass like a glass-cleaning fool!

Mentally Alert Physically Intimidating

Your overall offensive ability will improve and improve dramatically as you will have the ability to jump 3 to 6 inches higher and do so in a blink of an eye.

Please recall, at all times, that just because you can now jump higher, or should we say, after you have worked hard and trained your muscles to be fast twitching, rubber bands that respond and regroup and then respond again, all throughout the course of the game, this does not mean that you will be a better basketball player right away.

If you ever played a game of pickup basketball most undoubtedly, you have come across a player who has great leaping ability but has no ball skills and does not have the overall sense of the game of basketball, under control. This player is normally used as an defensive stopper under the basket and make sit harder for cherry-pickers to post up under the basket. But that is about as far as this player can go, for now.

At Memphis State University in the middle 80’s we used such players who had dynamic vertical leaping ability but were not good ball handlers and had not fully developed or would never develop into great basketball players to clear the lane and to keep cherry pickers from driving and laying up the ball with relative ease.


The largest shift from an average player to a great player does not come automatically to the new found vertical jumping champion yet it does make all the mechanics of the game that much more devastatingly effective and beneficial for the entire organization or team.



The best techniques to learn how to jump higher are the ones that are plyometrically enhanced. If you wish to score more points and grab a dozen or more rebounds in the game of basketball, then you need to look at two plyometric exercises that will have you soaring near or above the rim within six months. Guaranteed.

Side Hopping and Ankle Hopping


(1) Ankle Hop


• Start with Both Feet Flat on the Ground with Legs Locked and Hands at the Side

• Jump Upwards Keeping the Legs Locked and Use Only the Calf Muscles

• Make Certain That as You ‘Hop’ Forward Only the Ankles are Used for Momentum

• Hop Continuously in One Spot

• Extend the Ankles to the Maximum Distance Every Step

This plyometric exercise is the perfect example of what it is to work hard and be disciplined in your effort.

The ‘Ankle Hop’ is a great exercise that not only strengthens the ankles and calves but is one of the best techniques to jump higher for basketball players.

There is another vertical leaping enhancing exercise that fits nicely with the ankle exercise listed above and that is called ‘Side Hopping.’




(2) Side Hopping

• While Standing Flat Footed Jump as High and Hard to the Left as You Can

• Repeat this Movement Left to Right for 25 Repetitions

• Do Ten Sets



You now have two of the most basic yet most explosive techniques to learn how to jump higher and play ball better and more dominate in the effective. Get to it!!!


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