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Taj Gibson Bio

Taj Jami Gibson is an American native and a professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Taj Jami Gibson is representing Chicago Bulls in these days. He is a dedicated player and is out of those who has started their career in basketball by elapsing a few years. Gibson is also an active person in real life and is quite famous in the community work.

Taj Jami Gibson plays in the power forward position in the basketball playing. He stands six feet and nine inches tall. His listed weight is 225 pounds. He is a young, energetic and a dedicated player of the basketball.

Taj Gibson was born on June 24, 1985 in Brooklyn at New York. He is a son of former military basketball player. His father used to play basketball in the U.S. Army National Team in the times of Vietnam War. He has started playing basketball earlier from his school days and has also continued studies as well as basketball playing. Then, in his college, Gibson has marked his career in the professional field of basketball.

Gibson was initially admitted to the Telecommunications High School in the Brooklyn at New York. Then, he was admitted to the Stoneridge Prep and has completed his sophomore and junior years of study. Finally, to complete the studies in the senior year, Gibson was enrolled in the year 2006 in the Cavalry Christian High School in San Fernando at California. To him sports and studies hold the equal importance and his dedication never lagged behind.

Gibson has decided to join the University of Southern California and majored in the Communication studies from there. He has equally pursued his career in the basketball playing. In his college times; Gibson was being awarded the title of All-Pac 10 Tournament Team. In his tenure at the college, Gibson has averaged 12.4 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game, 2.41 blocks per game and 1.4 assists per game with .580 shot from the floor and .629 from the line.

Gibson has played 15o games in total in the university times and has marveled everyone in almost each game out of these. He got a chance to play in the 2009 NCAA Tournament. When Gibson was in his sophomore year, he was honored with the All-Conference Third Team and All-Defensive First Team. He was also rewarded with the Pac-10 All Freshman Team.

With the passage of time, Gibson came to know about his skills and had decided to pursue his basketball playing as a profession in life. In the year 2009, National Basketball Association has drafted him in the 2009 NBA Draft. Taj Gibson was selected by the Chicago Bulls. He is rendering his services in the basketball playing to the Chicago Bulls still today. Taj Gibson was selected on the26th overall pick by the National Basketball Association (NBA).
He is a good defensive player and has always impressed his peers and coaches with the way he plays basketball. In his career with the NBA, Gibson has averaged 7.6 points per game and 7.0 rebounds per game so far. He has been awarded with the NBA All-Rookie First Team.


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