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Stretch To Grow Taller

by Avmist
(United States)


Here’s how to stretch to grow taller…Make sure to not only stretch your legs, but to also stretch your back, so that your spine is also lengthened and you get even MORE height.

Try this stretch…it’s called the “Yawn”. It’s really simple. First, clasp your hands together and put them over your head. Next, reach your hands over behind your neck. Finally, bend your back and hands as far as you can backward. Hold that position for about five seconds, then repeat.

If you do it right, you’ll feel an impact on your lower (and maybe upper) back. Try to do it about 5-10 reps every morning and night.

Here’s another stretch for your back, and it’s called the “Cobra”. All you have to do is lie on your belly with your head down and hands by your chest. Next, lift your body up and stretch your neck and back as far back as possible.

Make sure to keep your torso tight so that you don’t damage your lower back. Hold this position for about 5-10 seconds. If you do this right, you’ll feel an impact on your upper spine.

If you feel your lower back aching, then you forgot to tighten your torso.

Trust me, it’s important…u could do some damage to your growth if you stretch your lower back in the wrong way.


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