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Steve Nash Pictures

Gallery of 23 Steve Nash pictures. The flashy player, rookie of the year (1997), born in South Africa who won two consecutive MVP awards. In 2005 and 2006. It’s safe to say that when he has the ball it is safe.

His teammates won’t remain with empty hands. As one of the best points guards to ever play the game, he’s also one of the most accurate from the free throw line. When the game is on the line everybody knows where the ball’s gonna end up. Steve Nash has an account on where you can see that he makes 21 free throws in a minute.

He rarely misses from there. One of the things that helps him as a player is that he’s also a good soccer and hockey player. Now, you may wonder that those sports don’t have anything to do with basketball but the general knowledge of sports is never to be underestimated.

That was the case with Hakeem Olajuwon also. Players who are good at many sports have an advantage over others who aren’t.

Okay, sorry for that boring intro, let’s get going with the pictures…