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Someone in need of help

Hi my name is Fidel Lopez. Am not sure if this is the right place to writ this, but i figured someone in here might be able to help. I know someone who’s child 16 was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I hold this person very close to me and the reason for me trying to get help is not financially but emotional. her son is a big Michael Jordan’s fan. One of his wishes is to meet him in person one day. Now do to his current condition and chemo therapy his unable to do what most kids at his age would do. he got second place in the Olympics in track. his mother doesn’t know i am doing this, but if there’s any way for who ever reads to to contact me at my cell or email and let me know if there’s any way something could be set up i would appreciate so much. my cell 909-240-5804 email- Thank you. Virginia beach, VA


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