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Slam Dunk Contest Highlights

When you think about the Slam Dunk Contest highlights you are talking about some of most exciting NBA player moves that have ever been made on the hardwood courts of this professionally-operated league.

It matters not who was the overall winner of these entertaining moments what does matter is that these exquisitely fine-tuned athletes can contort their bodies and position the basketball and themselves in such a way that brings fans to their feet with standing ovations time and time again.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the greatest Slam Dunk Contest highlights that have ever transpired during the NBA All-Star Weekend going as far back as Julius Erving and his wondrous flight of fancy in 1976 for the 76ers.

Most Notable Dunks

The top of this list has to be the one we spoke just a minute ago which was a great opening to the official Slam Dunk Contest with Dr. J gliding toward the rim and ending with a thunderous dunk that started out way before the free throw line.

What we can do right now is to have a quick look at the best of the rest which includes Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing as well as Nate Robinson jumping over Spud Webb to slam the ball through the net! Hang on to your seats as we continue to go on with Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in the 1987 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

• Free Throw Line Double Clutch Jam by Michael Jordan (1987 NBA Dunk Contest)

• East Bay Funk Dunk by Isaiah “J.R.” Rider (1994 NBA Dunk Contest)

• Vince Carter’s 360 Windmill in 2007

• 2003 Slam Dunk Contest Reverse Between the Legs Dunk by Jason Richardson

Of all the spectacular dunks portrayed by these NBA superstars the one that stands out the most at least for the modernistic era fans of the national basketball Association has to be Michael Jordan’s Double–Dutch Clutch slam of 1987.

You may be thinking that was so old but if you think about it, and you think long and hard, this one dunk did more for the sport of basketball that any other since Dr. J went for his trip from the free throw line!

NBA Slam Dunk Contest

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest regardless of the year is a great attraction to watch. The above-listed highlights are only a tiny-piece of what has happened at these NBA attractions. We must always recall that this is just pure entertainment and people may want to not take them so seriously or we could lose the ability to see these magnificent players doing what they do best, entertain.

Get Ready

This upcoming year the attention will be on a fresh and new crop of high-flying NBA players and some may not be high-scoring scorers and household names.

That is what makes the NBA Slam Dunk Contest so interesting indeed. One never knows who is going to win even if there is an odds-on favorite as the ball tends to bounce a little funny when the heat is on these players. Just ask Dominique Wilkens, perhaps pound for pound the best NBA dunk-master of all time. He will tell you that even little guys can sweep tis championship entertainment extravaganza from time to time.


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