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Shane Battier

Shane Courtney Battier was born on September 9, 1978 in Birmingham at Michigan.

He is an American Basketball player who plays for National Football Association (NBA) and U.S. National Team. These days, he is playing with Houston Rockets. He has been awarded with the title of Mr. Basketball of Michigan”.

He is born to a family with a black father and a white mother. He has seen the difference in the race of black and white during his childhood and has often suffered because of his difference.Shane Battier has married his childhood friend, Heidi Ufer in the summer 2004.

After four years, they were blessed with a cut son Zeke Edward Battier. Shane Battier is not only an astonishing player but also an outstanding student of his times. In his sports career, Shane Battier has won a bronze and a gold medal in his basketball career.

Shane Battier has studied from Detroit Country Day School to complete his high school education. Then, he has joined Duke University for his college studies.

He graduated from there maintaining 3.96 grade point average. When Shane Battier was in his senior year, it was declared that Shane Battier was an outstanding student in the university. At Duke, Shane Battier played under the coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

At his college time, Duke used to be best defender on the court while playing basketball. He has played there with the Blue Devils and was honored to be the National Player of the Year Award. He was thrice the award holder of the NABC Defensive Player of the Year. When Battier was leaving the college, then it was declared that battier was ACC 50th Anniversary Men’s Basketball Team. He was also twice selected to win the Academic All-American.

It was 2001 when Shane Battier has joined National Basketball Association and was selected by the Memphis Grizzlies from the year 2001-2006. Shane Battie plays in a small forward position but he is such a skillful player who understands the court and plays in shooting guard, power forward and small forward positions. He is a brisk defender while playing and defends in these three mentioned positions.

When it was 2006, Houston Rockets have traded Battier with Stromile Swift in 2006 NBA Draft. Shane Battier has always acted upon this motto: “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”. His performance also reflects that he has practiced a lot for playing and he is always prepared for the competition. His vigilance and moves in the field are always commendable and swift.

When Battier was representing Houston Rockets against Minnesota Timberwolves, then on January 24, 2011, he has scored 19 points winning a high-score record in the season. Then on February 5, 2011; Shane Battier averaged 13 rebounds which was also the season high rebounds.
In 2002, Shane Battier was NBA All-Rookie First Team. In the year 2008-2009, he was rewarded as the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. When Goodwill Games were held at Brisbane in 2001, Shane Battier has been awarded with the gold medal. In the FIBA World Championship, he has won bronze medal at Japan in 2006.


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