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Pictures Of A Basketball

I got 22 pictures of a basketball ball here. Did you know that initially soccer ball was used instead of basketball?

Later on, they realized that they needed something slightly bigger and with different color so that is can be easily recognized among players when they’re dribbling.

The basketball can vary in size from small promotional items to very large, heavier basketballs for training.
Most famous basketball manufacturers are Spalding (Only Spalding balls are used in the NBA), then Wilson, Nike (of course) and many more. There are really so many manufacturers out there as you’ll see on these pictures here.



The basketball that’s on the pictures above is how the original ball looked like. The old-school one:)

Alright, here are some more…








































The material that the ball is made of can be different. Mostly, people use leather or rubber depending on the type of basketball. If it’s an indoor ball then it’s usually leather. And it’s more expensive. But a rubber orange ball with a cheap logo on the front is very common also. Basketballs that are more expensive tend to last longer with some exceptions of course.


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