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Paul Arizin Bio

Paul Joseph Arizin was born on April 9, 1928. He was professional basketball player of United States.

Paul was born in Philadelphia located in the state of Pennsylvania in America. He was a professional basketball player of Forward and guard position. He was a player who could play at both positions according to the needs and requirements of the team. Arizin did not play basketball in his school. He was a student of La Salle high School.

During his school career Arizin was just a outstanding student in his studies. He was not interested in sports at all. He was known as multi talented student who could perform on the field as well as in class. But he was not interested in sports so he kept himself away from sports and other these types of activities.

Paul when finished his school studies and was ready to join a college for further education in his education field he found himself attracted towards sports. He was becoming fond of sports especially he was becoming fond of basketball. He was perfectly fit for basketball so he started playing basketball with his friends.

When Paul joined Villanova State University than he joined basketball classes and became a player of basketball in his university. Paul was a player who was very important fore his team.

He was known as most trusted player in his team so he played best basketball for his university’s basketball team. He became a very famous player of basketball when he gave match winning performance in some matches in his university.

Paul started his professional career in NBA when he was selected by Philadelphia Warriors in 1950 NBA draft. He spent a long time of his career with Warriors about twelve years. In 1962 he left Warriors and joined another team. He was retired in 1965.