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NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament Bracket

The NCAA mens basketball tournament bracket is a system in which an eventual champion will be crowned.
Throughout many of the offices and many more homes of the nation at least one copy of a bracket concerning the March Madness basketball tournament can usually be found halfway filled out with plenty of scratch marks all over it.

The tourney takes place in four regions across the United States of America with the end-goal being to win the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s tournament.

The NCAA mens basketball term bracket is set up in such a way that one loss and you’re out. To understand how a tournament bracket works in the NCAA one needs to understand regions and semi finals and other such things of the tournament in detail.

Let’s take a look at an NCAA basketball tournament team that reached the Final Four in 1985, the Memphis State Tigers otherwise known of today as the University of Memphis Tigers.These scrappy Tigers from the Metro Conference Division which is now merged with a few independent schools to become the Conference USA sector had some of the best players in the game!

From 6’10 Keith Lee, all the way to the super-sub Ronnie Lee Spann, the Tigers were deep and ready for action when the regionals started that early March. After a few nail-biting tournament wins the Tigers were then sent to the Final Four in Lexington, Kentucky and were the number one team in the nation of all non-Catholic Division I basketball teams.
That’s a little known fact since the Final Four consisted of the Memphis State, Georgetown University, St. John’s University, and Villanova University. All three besides the Tigers from Memphis, are catholic schools!

The eventual tournament champion four 1985 and the last name on the NCAA mens basketball tournament bracket was the University of Villanova Wildcats. The Memphis State Tigers were stripped of their presence in the 1985 NCAA men’s tournament from a recruiting penalty phase that occurred in 1987.

What cannot be erased, ever, is the strength and fortitude that was shown during the 1985 NCAA mens basketball season by the Memphis State Tiger and its players. The characteristics of that great NCAA mens basketball team that brackets could never show are the Memphis State Tigers passion and vibrant team atmosphere yet it did exist there in the hallowed halls of Rupp Arena.

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Now that we have discussed a little bit about what an actual NCAA tournament bracket is for the men’s division of the game of basketball in college, it should be quite an easy task due to go this year to the favored home team site and root them on to victory in the Final Four of 2010! It does not matter which team you cheer for as the game of college basketball is great and it comes with a great need for passion and sportsmanship and a winning attitude.

Each and every year the neighborhood newspaper, whichever ones are left after all the news on the Internet these days, normally prints out an empty NCAA basketball tournament bracket and these can be cut out and filled in by you. It does not matter if you are not a fan of betting as this has nothing to do with that.

It only has to do with following your team through the many trials and tribulations of regionals, semi-finals and eventual Final Four bliss if they make it that far.


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