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NCAA Men Basketball Standings

The best way to track your favorite college basketball team is to look at the NCAA men basketball standings
This can be done either by the Internet or by the local sports page every now and then. NCAA mens basketball is an exciting sport and great to watch.

The thrill of last-second shots from half court or blocked shots as the buzzer sounds has interest in the NCAA mens basketball standings at a peak throughout the season all the way to the championship game of the Final Four.

The best way to describe the NCAA mens basketball standings is to think of the apparatus in terms of wins and losses.

Most basketball standings for basketball in the NCAA have two factors, one is the overall record of the team and the second is a divisional record.

The divisional record will be the wins and losses of the team for only the games played within the division. This is important as this is how teams are granted admission to the end of season divisional tournaments such as the SEC Tournament and the Big East Conference Tournament but also crowns a winner of the division each and every season.

Another great way to look at NCAA mens basketball standings is the top 20 standings that come from both the AP and ESPN Sports worlds.

Throughout the course of an NCAA basketball season there are top 25 rankings that are voted on by independent sportswriters and selected coaches and change each and every week. A team that starts out at number one in the top 25 poll has been rigorously scouted and researched and definitely belongs in at the very least, top 10, normally.

With parity even the smaller schools have a shot at winning the entire NCAA basketball tournament in March, the importance on winning well in the division can never be greater. The NCAA mens basketball standings are a great way to track your favorite team! There are normally sections that detail all the pertinent and timely information about every team in the poll even your very own!
A team can start off losing the first three games of the season but tear off a win streak of 12 to 13 and all of a sudden they are in the top 10 and atop their division and on their way to St. Louis in March! This is how the game of college basketball works as anyone has a chance now as long as there is determination and a great balance of team-ball movement and great defense plus a wonderful coach who is just as passionate is required.

Some of the best sites for viewing any NCAA mens basketball standings, any time of the year, are as well as your local newspaper’s sports section online. With the 2010 season underway for the NCAA basketball year it is nice to see the ‘old-guard’, Purdue Boilermakers, up there in the top five and winning games in West Lafayette all the while breaking hearts in Ann Arbor.


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