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NCAA College Basketball Scores

College basketball games consist of two, 20 minute half’s. This length of time differs from the NBA and high school basketball, which both utilize four quarters with a half-time in between the second and third quarter.
Whether you like the four quarters or the two half’s, college basketball holds a distinct honor in the way the game is played.

NCAA college basketball scores range much differently then in the professional ranks.

For starters, professional games last longer, usually 48 minutes compared to the 40 minutes in a college game. Secondly, all the players on the team are professional athletes and while they may sit the bench in the pros, in one point in their career they dominated the college basketball game.

NBA games use to average in the 120’s to 140’s. That number has definitely died down, because defense is tougher and teams take longer shots, especially a lot of three-pointers. While the three-pointer was a great addition to the game in my opinion, the high risk-high reward play has reduced scoring.

The NBA game is also slowed down today because of all the “iso” and one-on-one plays teams run for their star players. The team aspect of basketball has definitely been lost a little in the professional game and that is why some people turn to college basketball for refuge.

The college game is much more team-driven with a large emphasis on fundamentals and defense.

College players are held more accountable and criticized harder then professional athletes.


College athletes are much younger (18-23), do not get paid, and still attend school. The college coach needs to take more responsibility and develop the athlete and his or her game on the court, as well as off the court.

In college, you are not only an athlete but also a student-athlete. Both are treated equal, if not more from the student aspect because good grades and attendance are required to remain eligible to play.

In the professional ranks, players live and breathe basketball. They no longer attend school, so basketball is their profession and primary focus. Athletes are also paid millions of dollars to play the game and unfortunately sometimes the money and ego gets to their head.

better shooting

This is why some great college coaches prefer to stay in college and never coach in the pros despite numerous lucrative offers.

Simply put, in the college game, the coach has more control and ability to teach.

NCAA college basketball scores usually range anywhere from 50-110 points for each team. The number of points scored and margin of victory depends on several factors, such as level of talent between the two teams, each team’s coach, and the team’s style of play.

Team’s with a lot less talent can play with much more talented teams by running a slowed down offense at a methodical pace. This kind of offense uses almost all of the shot clock on each possession, thus limiting offensive possessions for the other team. The methodical offense also takes the more talented team out of rhythm and sometimes catches the team sleeping on defense.

NCAA college basketball scores usually range in the 60’s or 70’s. Individual scoring is much more divided and even. Some teams really rely on one or two players to score every night, but a lot of teams get a balanced scoring line from five to six players.

Adjusting to NCAA basketball for new freshmen is sometimes difficult and harsh. In high school, the player was likely a star and took at least 20 shots a game. He or she shot a lot and thus earned a college scholarship.

better shooting

But on the collegiate level, every player on the team is as good if not better than you, so you must adjust. Players need to find how to score with limited shots, which sometimes means fewer than ten shots a game.

Players also must learn to stay patient, often sitting on the bench for the first year or two of competition.

Here are some scores and NBA spreads from a live source.


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