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NCAA Basketball Trophy

The goal of every team that starts out the NCAA basketball season is to go home with the NCAA basketball trophy and proudly display it in the student showcase at the school.

While this is a noble cause and one that every basketball player in the NCAA possesses regardless of the school, the chances of winning the NCAA trophy are slim to none.

The only team that has the players and the spirit to possess that wonderful, beautiful NCAA basketball trophy looks to be the Purdue boilermakers.

What makes the Purdue Boilermakers stand out head and shoulders above the rest in a field of teams that look like they could easily win the trophy this year, 2010, is that they have heart and determination and sometimes that’s all you need.

The Boilermakers have a standout team which includes Ju-Juan Johnson and Robbie Hummel. With these two All-Americans leading the way the Purdue Boilermakers seemed destined to end up winning the trophy and placing that trophy in the West Lafayette Campus University Student Center’s sports showcase.

If this post seems like it is leaning for the NCAA basketball trophy towards the Purdue University it is for many good reasons. The team just has been through so much this year and is now riding a current win streak that is leading all of the teams that play in the NCAA basketball league.

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Even without being an alumnus one can see that they are a lead-horse in the battle for the NCAA trophy this year. Once again anything can happen during the course of a basketball season yet as the season winds down and March becomes no longer a dream month but a reality in little less than a week, it is time to start penciling in a winner of the 2010 NCAA basketball season.

While it is easy to pencil in any team such as the University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, it is important to realize that these two factors need to be thought about when selecting an eventual winner. Strength of schedule and depth of team.

The strength of schedule for the Purdue Boilermakers is insane and has been all through the year with trips to East Lansing and it does not get any tougher for an NCAA basketball team than the road the Boiler Boys have traveled on.
The Boilermakers have traveled to the unfriendly confines of Michigan State at East Lansing and walked away with a rare win. That alone speaks of the spirit of a team that was at one point in time on a three-game losing streak a few months ago. Now the Purdue Boilermakers are in the hunt for the Big Ten Conference Title and an eventual birth to the Big Ten Tournament and then on to the Final Four.

The goal of any nasty ball team in the NCAA tournament is to win that illustrious and allusive NCAA basketball trophy. To the rest of the teams in the NCAA this year thanks for your patronage and the University of Purdue will go ahead and accept that Sears crystal trophy!


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