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NCAA Basketball Logos

NCAA basketball logos are detailed and filled with the history of the program.

Some of the logos make sense, while others are odd fits for the school name and location.

Whatever the reason or choice of logo, they exist, and they mean a lot to the program. For example, many young fans simply follow or root for a college basketball program because of the team’s logo and school colors. While it might seem silly, when you are a kid you root more for the look rather then the location or talent of the players.

NCAA basketball logos range from the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The Good

Georgetown: The Washington, DC based Georgetown is known as the home for some of the greatest future NBA big men of all-time, including Patrick Ewing and Dikembe Mutombo.

John Thompson really built this program up from nothing in the 1980’s and 90’s, and today it has seen a reemergence under the leadership of Thompson’s son. The logo is first and foremost awesome, thanks to the nickname “Hoyas.” Secondly, the navy blue and grey color scheme works perfect together.

Boise State: Boise State is well known for its strange all-blue football field, but in basketball the program regains some respect with a classic light blue and orange color scheme on the bronco.

better shooting

Arkansas: The Razorbacks sound and look mean, especially after you view their spectacular logo with a red and black color scheme. Fear the razorbacks and fear the red and black.

Air Force: It’s great to support our troops in a time of war, and especially for those going to school to train and someday participate in the military. Air Force has a classic logo with the Falcon on top and the label “Air Force” in blue and white.

Illinois: While some schools have taken heat over having nicknames like “Reds” and “Indians,” Illinois University Fighting Illini has a great nickname with a classic logo. The logo pays tribute to great chiefs in old tribes, decked out with hundreds of feathers.
Rutgers: This summer the hype all surrounded Batman and the Dark Knight, but what about Scarlet Knights? Rutgers has an excellent nickname and a cool scarlet, white, and black color scheme to go along with it.

better shooting

Duke: The Blue Devils host a pleasing blue, black, and white color scheme and one of the most consistent college basketball programs. The colors especially look intimidating when Duke plays at home with the “Cameron Crazies.”

Penn State: The Nitny Lions sport a classic and original nickname, as well as a great logo with a Lion starring off into the distance.

North Carolina: The Tar Heel sky blue and white is one of the most popular color schemes in all of college basketball and why not? The Tar Heels have won a few national championships and is home to such greats as Michael Jordan.
Oklahoma State: Maybe it’s the orange and white, but Oklahoma State has by far the best logo for a team with the nickname, “Cowboys.” I love the pistol wielding cowboy and the color scheme.

The Bad

Some schools get hated on simply because they always dominate other college basketball programs and fans get sick of seeing the colors and logo of the dominate school.

Whatever the case, it’s hard to nitpick and bash one or two or even three logos.

Still, I cannot say enough about some schools (you know who you are), who use odd color combinations like yellow and light blue, or green and purple. Sorry guys, I just call them how I see them.

Luckily, nobody sports a pink and green color scheme.

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